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Reparations may be a hot topic right now, but it’s never going to happen, says Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper.

Following up on his column at (“California’s Reparations Scam: Michael Jackson’s Kids Would Get Payouts“), Horace appeared last night on Fox News’s “Hannity” program to discuss the issue with Sean Hannity and Leo Terrell 2.0.

Horace declared reparations proposals a scam, and said liberals are using false promises of financial payouts to hide they way they’ve failed their core constituencies:

They do so because they know that they have failed black Americans, working class Americans, middle class Americans. And they have decided: Let’s just scare the living daylights out of black America, and then let’s bribe them!

It’s the same way the Nigerian prince email works: Give us your votes, sign over what’s valuable to you. We’ll use it the way we can, and we’re gonna promise you several million dollars.

There’s no several million dollars coming. There’s no Nigerian prince. This is a con.

Instead of promoting policies that would help black Americans — such as those laid out in Project 21’s “Blueprint for a Better Deal for Black America” — liberals have been prioritizing “their Green people, their eco-warriors,… the LGBTQ community,” Horace said.

Black Americans aren’t stupid, and many have woken up to the misery caused by failed leftist policies. To placate them, liberal leaders are promising financial payouts based on race — no matter how unlikely, illegal or unconstitutional these payouts may be — in the hopes that these bribes will secure the votes they need to stay in power.

Horace told Hannity and Terrell:

Black Americans are placed at the back of the bus. But when black Americans see this, they get upset. So what does the Left want to do? They pretend there’s a chance we’re gonna give you a million dollars. Keep giving us your vote. We’re not gonna fix your schools. We’re gonna destroy the job market. We’re gonna destroy the economy….

They’re not fooling anybody.

Author: The National Center