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On the Fox News Channel program “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper noted that “race grifters like Al Sharpton” don’t speak for the majority of black Americans:

What progressives have been doing, often in the name of blacks and browns, has nothing to do with blacks and browns but has everything to do with the promulgation of the radical policies that they promote and they believe in. When you ask black Americans about the death penalty, black Americans sit on one side, the wokesters/progressives/white liberals sit on an entirely different side.

Black Americans would like government to do more to control crime. Black Americans were on board with the War on Crime.  It is the progressives, it’s the wokesters and the white liberals that have been against the effort to make our community safer. And the problem is, race grifters like Al Sharpton tell those wokesters whatever they want to hear because that’s where the cash is.

Author: The National Center