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On the Fox News Channel program “Hannity,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper talked with host Sean Hannity and Rep. Mike Waltz about President Biden’s mixed-up priorities.

For instance, Biden is suddenly against federal spending when faced with members of our American armed forces who are in desperate need of a pay raise.

Horace said:

This president has identified every problem that he could…, and his solution? Spend more money.

Now that it comes time for us to share with those young men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line, this president suddenly doesn’t want to spend.

You can’t be this wrong by accident!

Horace also noted that the president’s priorities are costing him the support of groups of Americans who have traditionally supported him and his party:

Many black Americans are complaining that this president‘s priorities have everything to do with the cocktail hour in the professors’ lounge, and absolutely nothing to do with their real lives.

It is amazing how many Hispanics are saying they’re no longer willing to support this president and his party. We’re looking at an election where it is possible that a Republican may win the Hispanic vote for the first time.

You’re seeing the young vote, you’re seeing the women’s vote, you’re seeing so many areas [affected by] this president’s poor stewardship of the economy and prioritizing all of the progressive agenda over the needs of mainstream America. It’s no surprise that you’re seeing Americans complain across the board.

Author: The National Center