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On the Fox News program “The Ingraham Angle,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper slammed Al Sharpton and others who have used the death of Jordan Neely to score political points rather than wait for all of the evidence to be considered regarding Daniel Penny’s involvement in it.

Horace noted that the Biden Administration likewise has selective outrage disorder, choosing to focus on the Neely death over the huge crisis taking place at the southern border:

It’s really remarkable that an administration that so disrupted the entire American society with this demand that we comply with vaccines, and go through steps like masking, now is prepared to ignore hordes of people coming into the country without any idea of who they are, what they might expose the American people to, or even their criminal record.

Now let’s juxtapose that with New York City and a Marine — someone who has stood up, defended his country the way Mr. Perry has done.

Mr. Al Not-So-Sharpton — as I refer to him — is in fact an odious presence in American society.

And, even though the president of the United States likes to talk about Jim Crow 2.0, during Jim Crow 1.0 there was a terrible record of agitators creating demands that prosecutors single out — particularly black — people and charge them, rather than allow natural investigative processes to occur.

Shame, shame on this effort.

Author: The National Center