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Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has suspended prosecutor Shea Sanna for “misgendering” convicted child molester Hannah (previously James) Tubbs, who Sanna noted only started identifying as a woman after DNA linked Tubbs to a cold case crime. Sanna raised the ire of the DA’s office when he accused the felon of using gender identity to try to game the system.

On the Fox News Channel program “The Ingraham Angle,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper expressed outrage that the DA office’s focus was on punishing the attorney and not the perpetrator:

This tells us all that we need to know about how the wokesters — when they’re handling prosecution — how they’re not putting the victims as their priority.  A child was assaulted by this individual. That ought to be where the conversation begins and the conversation ends. Now we know from a cold case record that this person actually is involved perhaps in the death of another person and, as the report indicated, had a lengthy arrest record.

We shouldn’t be so concerned about hurting the feelings of these predators. We ought to be making sure they’re put in a place where they can never attack again. Shame on Gascon….

We’re giving attention to this felon when we should make the central focus on the victims. And my biggest criticism of these Soros-funded prosecutors is that they act as a publicly-funded defense attorney for those who prey on the innocent….

Rich people and elites and the well-to-do, they move to other communities. They can hire security. But the very people who rely most on the criminal justice system are the ones who lose when these Soros prosecutors get their way.

Author: The National Center