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“It seems the left is always on the hunt for stories that fit their narrative of America’s prevalent racism, and for perpetrators to punish accordingly.”

Marie Fischer

But, as Project 21 member Marie Fischer points out in a commentary published by The Federalist, there are plenty of unsung stories about the mistreatment of blacks. Unsung because they don’t fit the leftist narrative.

Consider when Larry Elder, who sought to become California’s governor if Gavin Newsom had been recalled, endured an egg hurled at him by a white woman in a gorilla mask. And when Senator Tim Scott was called “#UncleTim” on Twitter after his State of the Union rebuttal, while former Trump cabinet member Dr. Ben Carson was called an “Uncle Tom.” There’s also the blanket slander from then-presidential candidate Joe Biden, who said any black American voting for Trump “ain’t black.”

Pretty hateful. Largely ignored.

These instances did not get much attention from the establishment media. The NAACP did not use its prestige to protect these black Americans from ridicule and scorn. Because the targeted victims didn’t share the left-wing political views of the media and NAACP, this behavior was allowed – even celebrated.

As Marie points out:

[W]hen leftists – especially white ones and those burrowed in corporate media – all too frequently use either dog-whistle terms or flat-out racist rhetoric about black conservatives, they rarely face backlash, loss of status, or financial ruin.

At a time of heightened sensitivity regarding race, it’s unfortunately still open season on black conservatives such as Elder, Scott, Carson and members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network like Marie.

It’s hypocritical, but – as Marie points out – liberals just can’t bring themselves to call their allies out for reprehensible, racist behavior:

If you look anywhere on social media, you will find similar scenarios of black conservatives being denigrated with epithets instead of being debated with thoughts and philosophies. The real question is whether this behavior from the left is simply being ignored, or being accepted.

And how silly can this get? Consider Marie’s own experience with leftist intolerance:

I have been called a “Nazi” while providing testimony at a local county council meeting against illegal immigration. That’s actually quite funny since, besides being a black conservative, I’m also an Orthodox Jew.

To read all of Marie’s commentary – “The Left Claims to Oppose Racism While Spewing It at Black Conservatives” – at the website of The Federalist, click here.

Author: David Almasi