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In his official proclamation for the 2021 National Day of Prayer, Joe Biden left out God.

Nowhere in the seven paragraphs and 470 words did Biden deign to say God’s name. He name-checked the late congressman John Lewis in his treatise on faith, but not the Lord Himself.

Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington said this lack of respect for God is indicative of the larger problems our nation faces, and also why Biden holds the power he does right now.

During an panel discussion on the Newsmax program “John Bachman Now,” Stacy warned about the people she called “skin-worshippers.” She described them as:

People who are obsessed – everything they do in their lives is seen through the lens of race or ethnic background. Everything is about grievances and punishing people.

She said that it is people like this who have played a large role in a pushback against God and faith in general. And this has an detrimental effect on American society as a whole. She commented:

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

And when we have a respect for our Creator, it shows in every area of our lives. When we disdain Him, and we push Him aside so that we can actually worship our skin… then you’re gonna have a president who represents that party and that ideology.

You’ll have a National Day of Prayer where he does not actually refer to God or really bring any kind of focus to Him.

To show the difference, she explained how her family observed the National Day of Prayer and what it means to them:

The National Day of Prayer is to be spent praying for this country – for the betterment of all of us.

So it’s not about whether a person has faith. It’s about saying: if you believe or not – I do – we want to pray for the betterment of this country… [I]t comes from a position of knowing something greater than ourselves. Something to look forward to, as opposed to always looking back and looking down.

And that’s what Joe Biden represents, unfortunately. And that’s why we prayed for him, and that he would be better at being president – at leading this country. And, hopefully, that he would have a more true representation of his faith that would actually acknowledge God.

Author: David Almasi