On June 1, 2020, Hosea Initiative will kick-off our new JOSEPH’S HE❤️​RT Project with a Father’s Day video contest. We aim to recognize and award men across the country who exemplify the character of Joseph of Nazareth – the man God called to guide and protect the Christ-child and mentor him into manhood.
Hosea Initiative wishes to shine a spotlight on those noble men who exemplify true fatherhood, and challenges YOU to make a one-minute video nominating your SUPER-HERO Dad, Grandpa, Spouse, Pastor, or other male community leader for ways he reflects JOSEPH’S HE❤️​RT.
Our judges will select the top nominated “Josephs” and put them on our Facebook page for viewing AND voting!  The nominees with the most votes, shares, and Judges points will receive cash prizes!  (not the video maker)
Here’s the profile of a man with Joseph’s He❤️rt:  

  • a man who honors and obeys God’s Word
  • a SERVANT LEADER who leads by example
  • a caring man who defends  women and children
  • a patient and hard-working man 
  • a man of courage and virtue, willing to lay down his life for those entrusted to his care.

In 60 seconds (or less) tell us how the man you nominate mirrors JOSEPH’S HE
❤️RT.  Get creative!  Be specific!  Videos will be judged on content, originality, creativity, and the degree to which the nominee reveals JOSEPH’S HE❤️​RT.


Grand Prize:$1,000 courtesy of

Second Prize:$750 courtesy of

Third Prize:$500 courtesy of

Submission Deadline

Submit your video link via a file share software of choice (example: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) OR upload your video via WeTransfer through their FREE DESKTOP version (cell phone version has cost per use) by 11:59pm CST on 6/16/20.
Send your video link to: CONTEST@HOSEA4YOU.ORG.  INCLUDE in your email: 

  • contestant’s name and contact number 
  • name and relationship to you of the man nominate for “Joseph’s Heart”   
  • city and state where you live 

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