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“To attend a shareholder meeting of a publicly traded company, you need to own a whopping one share of that company,” Justin Danhof, executive vice president at the National Center, told Fox News Digital before taking the stage at CPAC last month. “So if you’re upset at Coca-Cola for an action they’ve taken, I think it’s like $58 these days that buys you admission to the shareholder meeting.”

Discussing the approach that the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) takes to confronting woke corporations, Justin explained:

We have a stock portfolio – a lot of the S&P 500 – where we engage from a right-of-center perspective. I like to think that we kind of provide the balance in the room, in that sense.

A bit later, during CPAC’s “Woke Inc.” panel with Mercedes Schlapp and David Bernhardt, Justin outlined how the woke left has taken over much of corporate America and what conservatives can do to fight back.

“What we’re witnessing is the left’s march through the institutions,” Justin told the CPAC audience. “We have a chance to course correct it, but the left has been intentionally taking over boardrooms; they have been giving voice to the most woke employees.”

The Fox story also covered FEP’s Disney shareholder proposal, which took the Walt Disney Company to task over its race-based employee trainings rooted in critical race theory (CRT). Presenting the proposal at Disney’s virtual shareholder meeting earlier this month, Danhof said:

When Disney and other companies team up with the far left to promote CRT, and pretend that America is irreparably and systematically racist, it is doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP commits actual human rights abuses by running slave labor camps … yet when our State Department and others report on this, the CCP simply responds that the United States is no better since it oppresses its black and brown population.


Ethan Peck is an associate for the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project.

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