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Minutes after the jury returned in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial, members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network were speaking out about the guilty verdicts.

Already, members have appeared on or are scheduled to appear on the nation’s airwaves in places such as WAEB-Allentown, Pennsylvania and the syndicated American Family Radio and Main Street Media Networks.

“Let’s stop saying the justice system doesn’t work for people of color,” said Project 21 Director of Membership Development Donna Jackson.

Project 21 member Marie Fischer added: “This verdict should quell those who were upset with the Rittenhouse verdict.”

AK Kamara

And Project 21 member AK Kamara said that “[j]ustice was served in the Ahmaud Arbery case… because America has one of the fairest and most just judicial systems in the world.”

But that’s not all that AK had to say. To follow is a commentary he penned about the case, the verdict and how the left has sought to divide Americans using the cudgel of race:

Ahmaud Arbery was a young man who was senselessly killed. His attackers were found guilty of his murder. Justice has been served.

A jury determined that the evidence presented in this case proved guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

As Americans, we applaud that justice has prevailed. It’s not because of the race of the victim or the race of the depraved humans who stole Mr. Arbery’s life. We demand justice when freedom has been deprived or taken from another human.

From the very onset of this tragedy, the vast majority of Americans were appalled by the details as they were reported by police records and as seen via video from the vehicle of one of Arbery’s assailants.

In typical fashion, the left has attempted to use this tragedy as a rallying cry to point out what it views as more proof of America’s problem with racist, angry, white men. Consider the comments from the typical everything-in-America-is-racist crowd. Such tweeting! LeBron James claimed “we’re literally hunted EVERYDAY.” Senator Bernie Sanders asserted that “Ahmaud would be alive today if he were white.” Of course, there’s Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who chimed in with “his white assailants were allowed to roam free after lynching him.”

This is what the left does. It groups into its collectivist tribes and divides the rest of us.

It encourages the idea that every action done by people of differing racial identities is one born of racial motivation – especially if the person perceived as provoking it is white.

This entire mindset, to most Americans, is preposterous. Most Americans don’t care about race. We live in reality. We don’t treat people a certain way based on their race. So we naturally imagine most others don’t as well.

We do acknowledge that some people do treat others a certain way based on their race. A racist mindset is one that most shun and deny. In that same vein, most of us also understand that our actions against or in defense of other people are usually motivated by opportunity, pride, ideology and/or morality – but definitely not because of race.

The truth is that, in America, racially-motivated crimes are in decline on a per capita basis. At the same time, America’s multiracial population is growing and reaching all-time highs.

Justice was served in the Ahmaud Arbery case. Not through some miracle or because of protestors, or celebrity outcries or politicians. It’s because America has one of the fairest and most just judicial systems in the world. Lady Justice is iconically blind for a reason. She does not care about race, creed or status.

It is only when we as humans subvert or warp justice for our own means that it fails.

My final thought in the Arbery matter is that all Americans – especially black Americans – should exercise their 2nd Amendment right. Check state laws, do research and seek training to learn how to safely and responsibly carry a firearm. If Mr. Arbery had been like me, a black man who carries a gun everywhere it is legal, he would’ve stood a better chance of defending himself.

My condolences to the family of Ahmaud Arbery. May he rest in peace.

Author: David Almasi