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Bonner Cohen

Bonner Cohen

Bonner Cohen, Ph.D., senior fellow at the National Center, has issued this response to the UN’s latest climate report:

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims in its latest report that the world is likely to pass a dangerous temperature threshold within the next 10 years, pushing the planet past the point of catastrophic warming – unless nations dramatically transform their economies and immediately transform away from fossil fuels.

Like all preceding UN climate reports over the last 35 years, this one is not supported by climatological observations, and bases its projections of doom on easy-to-manipulate climate models that have consistently failed to align with actual temperature developments in the past.  The slight, 1.7 degree F warming the Earth has undergone over the past 200 years is merely a rebound from the Little Ice Age, which lasted for 450 years, and is not a period we want to return to.

Today’s higher atmospheric levels of CO2 have benefitted plant, animal and human life, and have contributed to increased agricultural productivity.

Contrary to the claims of the IPCC and other climate activists, there has been NO increase in land-falling hurricanes or tornadoes, nor has there been an increase in floods or droughts.   Global elites have grasped one fundamental reality: If you gain control of energy, you gain control of the people who need and use it.

The climate agenda is about power and money; it is not about the climate.

Author: The National Center