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Appreciation of Beethoven and Mozart is apparently now a sign of white supremacy.

According to the New Yorker magazine, America’s “white majority tended to adopt European music as a badge of its supremacy.” And the Vox website reports that classism related to the appreciation of classical music is hurtful because it reminds women and minorities of “exclusion and elitism” that is targeting them or has targeted them.

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper called this most recent effort to tear down Western culture “really, really dismaying.” In a discussion on the Fox News Channel program “Fox News @ Night” with host Shannon Bream and KTTH-Seattle talk radio host Jason Rantz, Horace said this assault on a form of entertainment that may be largely appreciated and performed by whites still has “almost no logic or reason whatsoever” behind it.

New Yorker music critic Alex Ross focused his rage by calling the modern faults with classical music “an American problem.” He pushed the systemic racism narrative found at the tip of the left’s spear in its crusade to tear down and rebuild America by its specifications. Tearing down Ross’s claim, Horace said that opportunity – a facet of American culture that has been a key element in making the nation more equal since its founding – can reshape classical music’s demographics at any time.

History is on Horace’s side. He explained to Bream and Rantz how the leftist media’s criticisms lack intellectual merit:

There was a time in America when pop music, when rock music, was overwhelmingly dominated by whites and blacks weren’t encouraged to participate. There was a time when entertainment – in movies and on television – was the same way.

You know what changed? It had nothing to do with some concentrated effort to end “white supremacy.” Talented people – when they were given a shot – participated. And it turned out that there were so many talented people. They dominated. In fact, you see this in sports. You see this in entertainment.

And if black Americans or any other group is interested in classical music, and they wish to participate, and they are talented, they will be welcomed and they will be celebrated.

Commenting on the veracity of this leftist media assault on classical music, Horace added:

It’s just sad that someone would want to make this argument in this way as an example of bigotry when it’s just – the logic and data just don’t show it.

And, similar to the recently discredited critical race theory poster that was distributed by the Smithsonian Institution that attributed stable families, hard work and delayed gratification as white racial traits, the Vox article also suggested that accepted behavior in classical music venues serves as a “gatekeeper” that is “policing who’s in and who’s out” at concerts.

Besides only clapping at certain points and remaining seated during a performance, Bream noted that expecting people to arrive on time for a concert is also an apparent sign of intolerance.

Horace was insulted by this notion:

Saying being on time is somehow a white supremacy idea?

I mean, this bigotry that undergirds the so-called move toward tolerance is really, really shocking.

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Author: David Almasi