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In the debate over the voting reform measure recently signed into law in Georgia, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper said one factor must be the primary focus:

We should let self-government occur – and that’s letting real Georgians decide the elections.

As Horace pointed out during a segment of the Fox News Channel program “Fox News @Night,” this means creating election processes that protect lawful voters – “not ghosts, not convicts, not people who are not eligible because they are either not citizens or not residents in the community.”

But President Joe Biden perversely calls such protections “Jim Crow on steroids,” and the left has brought in its corporate muscle to try to pressure Georgia to retreat on its effort to protect legal voters.

Coca-Cola ought to know better than to interfere with that kind of fundamental liberty and freedom,” Horace told guest host Kevin Corke. He added the American people are “rejecting” the current trend of companies becoming “woke” and trying to influence politics and governing in the promotion of a leftist agenda:

The numbers are in. And the NBA, Major League Baseball, NFL – the numbers are way down…

Delta’s gonna find out. So will all of the other voices that are attempting to do one thing – and that is to prevent real, bona fide Americans who live in Georgia from deciding who the elected officials of Georgia are going to be.

That’s what this law does. And, by the way, everywhere you look, when voter fraud is happening, it’s mostly minorities who have been the victims of voter fraud.

And Horace noted that the left-wing assault on voter integrity protections is likely to further harm America’s electoral processes:

The #1 reason people give for not participating in our election process is they say their vote ultimately won’t count. We need to do things that will ensure that their vote actually will count.

The National Center’s Free Enterprise Project is part of a new conservative coalition, Back to Neutral, which is mobilizing efforts to return corporate America to political neutrality. This week the coalition launched Click here to learn how you personally can help turn the tide against politicized big business.

Author: David Almasi