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“If it wasn’t for double-standards, Twitter wouldn’t have standards at all!”

The left spent the entirety of the 2016 presidential campaign and Trump Administration decrying Donald Trump’s social media behavior. As Tammy Bruce pointed out on the Fox News Channel, as a presidential candidate in 2020, current Vice President Kamala Harris declared that President Trump “should be taken down,” and that “Twitter should be held accountable and shut down” for allowing him to speak his mind (and circumvent the media’s filter).

But there is little to no outrage now that the Taliban is using social media to communicate with the world.

In a panel discussion with Bruce, who guest-hosted the Fox News Channel program “The Ingraham Angle,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper – who made the insightful comment about Twitter’s double-standards – added:

It is unbelievable that the president of the United States – the sitting president of the United States – is considered a danger, in some way, because we don’t like “mean tweets.”

Meanwhile, an evil, vicious ideology… that targets children six years old and younger for marriage, that beheads people and believes – if you’re born female – that somehow you’re supposed to be subjugated for life. But, apparently, that’s not dangerous. That’s not risky. And [it] doesn’t appear to violate any of their standards.


Fellow panelist Charlie Hurt, the opinion editor of the Washington Examiner, said that the political establishment – which has increased influence since Harris is in the White House – is not trying to enforce moderate discourse on the internet as much as seeking to “silence a political enemy.” In this regard, he pointed out, “they succeeded” while they are now “doing anything they can to promote a violent terrorist organization” as a “kinder, gentler Taliban.”

“Absolutely,” Horace interjected.

When Bruce suggested there is a “mental illness” inflicting the elites – in which they are pushing everyone else “to pretend along with them” about the new Afghan regime – Horace said that this exposes a “conjoining behavior” that tries to equate mean tweets and beheading.

But “one is categorically evil,” Horace explained, and this should be seen as a warning about what the elites are covering up. “Instead,” he said, “they just don’t want to have discussion about topics they don’t like.”

Author: David Almasi