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In a display of unambiguous divisiveness, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently announced that – in the alleged pursuit of equity – she would only grant one-on-one interviews to members of the media who are members of racial minority groups.

Fox News Channel host Will Cain asked Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper if he thought President Joe Biden would condemn Lightfoot for imposing a racial barrier on media access to the Windy City’s government. Cooper said no, adding that he also thought it was “unfortunate that there will be no accountability,” both in this case and for the many discriminatory actions by left-wing political activists that are leading to an increased separation of racial groups for partisan gain.

“Bull Connor could not come forward today and exercise the kind of freedom like Lori Lightfoot is apparently able to do,” Horace said during a segment of the “Fox News Primetime” program. “And apparently there’s no consequences.”

Citing a double-standard in the outrage, Horace compared Big Tech’s apparent indifference to Lightfoot’s brazen actions to its treatment of perceived slights by President Donald Trump during his administration – particularly the way President Trump was deplatformed by social media companies:

I want to understand how, if you’re the president of the United States and you say or do something, Facebook says we can take your page down because of what your comments and thoughts represent.

And this is the most vicious, vile hate where… the mayor is explicitly saying we’re going to separate people and treat them differently on the basis of race. Why doesn’t Facebook – along with the president – say your mayor profile has to be taken down. People can’t follow you on Twitter anymore. Why haven’t large corporations announced we are not going to support this type of vitriolic separatism?

When Cain asked Horace if Lightfoot’s action and the indifference to it are paving the way for a new politically-inspired segregation, Horace responded that “it absolutely is.”

Noting that there is “political power to be gained by promoting racial separatism,” Horace explained:

We’re going to have to really go back and apologize to the promoters of Jim Crow in the 20th century.

Because, I think, most of those people did so because they thought it provided them [with] a political advantage. We say – today’s historians – there was never any justification for that behavior. I believe that’s true, but the political advantage is real as well. And people like Lori Lightfoot, people like Joe Biden, they see there’s a political advantage from dividing Americans along racial lines.

“That has never, ever been positive for our country,” Horace warned.

Despite the left’s allegations against President Trump, his administration’s policies actually worked against the segregationist bent of leftist politics and were to the benefit of minority populations. With the left increasing its grip on government in the last election, Horace expects racial polarization to be allowed to increase at the expense of progress toward a more equal society:

Donald Trump – if he was a racist, he was the worst racist ever.

He got more blacks hired. Got more blacks with pickup trucks. Got more blacks with brand new homes. Unbelievable wealth creation with that.

When you divide America, what you actually see is a decline in progress, a decline in prosperity. That’s what we saw in the segregated South. And that’s what you’ll see in the segregated 21st century if we allow this to go forward.

Author: David Almasi