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Media outlets breathlessly report that Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, is linked to alleged radicals and may influence her husband’s jurisprudence.

“Never before has the spouse of a justice been targeted in this way,” wrote Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper in a commentary published by American Greatness. He further explained how it is the left that is actually trying to force outcomes at the nation’s highest court:

The smear effort against Ginni Thomas is really just an attempt to influence the Court to back away from its duty to uphold the Constitution and the rights our founders fought for.

Noting that “[b]eing a movement conservative is no crime or anything to apologize for,” Horace explained that, when it comes to Ginni Thomas, “the left wants to impute her beliefs to her husband in his role as associate justice of the Supreme Court and argue that he must recuse himself from any case in which she has even the slightest opinion.”

With the Court expected to deliver major rulings this term on cases involving prayer, guns, affirmative action and abortion, the left is seeing its ability to make policy through the Court shaken to its core:

In the past the left has used the Court to impose its radical ideology on American society because it couldn’t use the electoral process to do it. Now they fear the Court is no longer hospitable to these efforts.

They face steep odds of success in these cases because of what progressives call the “conservative supermajority.” Consequently, they have taken every opportunity possible to sow public distrust in the nation’s highest court.

To bring the Supreme Court to heel, Horace highlighted how that the mainstream media is complicit in promoting the left’s lies aimed at hobbling Justice Thomas by attacking his wife:

In a series of articles from the New Yorker to CNN and even the Los Angeles Times, Ginni Thomas has been unfairly pilloried for being an independent thinker. These attacks never identify criminal acts. Instead they offer only salacious allegations.

“This 19th century throwback that women are to be seen and not heard is ridiculous,” Horace commented, “and the left should be ashamed of being associated with it in any way.”

After all, the left turned a blind eye to more serious circumstances that seemed to favor their agenda:

According to Mark Paoletta’s article from the Washington Examiner, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s husband Martin (beloved by the left) was given a free pass for his career choices.  Fried, Frank and Harris, the D.C. law firm where Martin was a partner, filed three amicus briefs on cases heard by Ginsburg and her Supreme Court colleagues. She did not recuse herself in any of these cases and not a peep was raised by any on the left.

RGB also participated in cases that her daughter Jane had written about while they were pending before the Supreme Court. In fact, one of the articles was actually cited by the petitioners in a case. Ultimately Justice Ginsburg ended up affirming her daughter’s position.

This creates a slippery slope:

What other changes would this leftist ideology yield? Will the spouses of senators be allowed to publicly express opinions supporting their partners or even opposing them? Should Jill Biden have limits imposed on her for any of her influence on her husband’s policies since they have such a large effect on the trajectory of this nation? Where does this approach end?

To read all of Horace’s commentary – “Another Leftist Smear Attempt Falls Flat” – at the American Greatness website, click here.

Author: David Almasi