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In what he said was “one of the most disturbing and – to put it bluntly – racist attacks we’ve ever seen,” Fox News Channel guest host Will Cain called out the “vile and absurd rhetoric” of MSNBC commentator Michael Eric Dyson.

While discussing the election of Winsome Sears, a black conservative recently elected lieutenant governor of Virginia, Dyson called Sears a “black face speaking on behalf of a white supremacist legacy.”

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Cain asked Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper why this sort of racial mockery is allowed in the mainstream media. Cain pondered: “It’s surprising… that MSNBC and their parent company – Comcast – seem OK with it.”

Horace replied:

It is very disappointing.

You know, there was a time when cable companies, TV companies, radio networks all had a code that said: We’re going to voluntarily comply with this idea that we won’t promote racism, we won’t promote bigotry. They have apparently, at MSNBC, walked completely away from that.

And if you just took the video off and just played the audio, you would assume some racist or segregationist from the 1940s was talking, in the way that they attribute to race certain ideas and certain thoughts. That’s really dangerous. It’s actually quite evil.

This highlights the left’s proprietary nature concerning black Americans, which Cain said is the expectation that “if you are black, you must think one – and only one – way.”

But Horace explained that it’s actually much worse:

If you’re black, you can’t be an astronaut. If you are black, you can’t be an elected official. If you are black, you need to stay in your place. That’s what the segregationists have said.

Now I’m gonna remind the audience that in the 19th century, one political party decided that it was going to make race the primary issue, disparaging one group and promoting another. When we had a civil war and we thought that was settled, that one political party came back again in the 20th century. And they set up Jim Crow with the idea that race explains everything, and your abilities and your talents don’t.

We had Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. Millions of people like myself grew up in this post-Martin Luther King period. But now, the woke racists are back in the 21st century, and once again thy posit: Your race determines your role, your function and your options.

That’s Bigotry 101 – regardless of what century it comes from.

So there’s a tremendous contrasting juxtaposition between what the left says and does. Cain wondered how those who call themselves “antiracist” live with the fact that they are actually acting in the most racist manner of anyone.

Horace said:

Let’s remember that, in the 19th and 20th centuries, those advocates of bigotry said they weren’t doing it to disparage anyone. They were doing it because it was great for everyone. The same idea still obtains today.

Don’t worry about what they say; look at what they’re doing. And what they’re doing is separating people on the basis of race.

“Really insightful stuff,” Cain remarked.

Author: David Almasi