The liberal world is falling apart. Socialism, progressivism, communism have all been exposed, and their lies and illusions are no longer effective. With the surprising and overwhelming election of Donald Trump, the Lewd Left was caught completely by surprised. The media, it turned out, could not choose the candidate and failed to see the landscape change right before them.

The population was tired of being lied to, tired of America losing and tired of seeing our national wealth being squandered. After the Trump victory, the left tried their same old playbook. They intimidated, screamed, protested, rioted, called names, marginalized and sought safe places. But we continued to win in most subsequent elections.

They then tried one of the oldest strategies in the liberal playbook: sexual intimidation, accusations and charges. It hadn’t worked on Trump, but it had worked during the last presidential campaign against Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain – so why not try it again? When it did not work, they started eating their own. First, Hollywood explodes with sexual misconduct charges of well-known people. Then the news media and eventually political leaders started falling.

It was not due to the efforts of conservatives or the Trump administration. What happened was, since the power and influence of liberalism could no longer be effective, there was no longer a need to play along with them. Slowly, the dedication to the liberal mindset began to fall apart, and the sexual charges began to explode.

It was not only due to the surprise of the Donald Trump victory; it was the exposed conspiracy to keep Bernie Sanders from even getting the Democratic nomination.

Don’t think the millions of millenniums dedicated to the Utopia of Bernie Sanders were going to sit by after learning of the deep-rooted, unfair and organized attempt by the DNC to steal the nomination from them.

Now you have the complete disillusion of the left. The leading groups are still organized and well-funded. The liberal spokespeople still get media coverage and attention. But their power to influence has been destroyed.

But liberal leaders cannot see it and will never believe it. Liberalism is an abusive belief system. It browbeats its followers, attacks anyone who doesn’t agree and will never allow dissent. However, now the abuser has been removed by the new atmosphere in the country. Now, like an abused woman, everyday liberals feel safe from the abusive master, and they are lifting their heads up.

They have always loved America and freedom but were too abused to express it. Now they can help Make America Great Again and are moving toward patriotism.

The Kaepernick attack was worse than a heart attack. LaVar Ball is the next example of “Truth and Consequences” concerning anti-Trump folks believing their own lies.

Colin Kaepernick didn’t expect to lose his career over his refusal to stand for our national anthem. He expected to be a hero and to lead a national movement against the ghost of racial discrimination. He believed the lie that Americans were angry and were anti-police. He insulted our nation, and now no team will have him.

The reason no team will hire him has nothing to do with his talent. It has to do with conservative and liberal fans not wanting to see him play. It is now OK to love America. It is now OK to want opportunities. Liberals and conservatives feel their greatest chances lie in Making America Great Again.

Colin will still get awards, but no job. He will be recognized as a symbol, but a symbol of failure. Liberalism was always a failed idea; now even liberals understand it.

Then there is the latest example. LaVar Ball, the self-promoter of the Ball family. He has done a very good job of self-promoting … until his ungrateful response to President Trump’s rescue of his son from China.

I had never heard of Ball, his $500 tennis shoes or any of his sons. But his attacks on Trump have given him notoriety, and that has apparently harmed him, not rewarded him. You would think showing disrespect for a liberal-hated president would be a boost to his basketball-playing sons. With all of the Hollywood disdain for Trump, Ball should be held up as a hero for showing his dislike for him.

But Ball’s son was suspended by the UCLA basketball team; his business attempt with China evaporated; and he has now announced his son’s departure from UCLA. His dream of watching all three of his sons playing for the Los Angeles Lakers is turning sour – not because of their talent levels but because of the same reason no one wants to hire Colin Kaepernick. Liberal and conservative fans have rejected anti-American ideas. We love our country and love those who love us.

Now that the abusive, controlling idea liberalism has had is broken, liberals are looking for real safe spaces. Safe from the self-hatred and victimhood beliefs required by liberal leaders. They want to come out of the cold, and they need our help. Welcome to the warmth.

Let’s create a true safe space for freedom-seeking victims of liberalism to gather and grow. I am organizing an event called “Celebrating the American Culture” to recognize the first anniversary of Trumps’ Inauguration. Join me in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jan. 19, 2018, and let’s welcome the freed people to freedom. Get all the details.