“I resign!” This is the only thing President Trump could say to please the press. There are no words to soothe them, no debates to sway them, because they are dishonest. We do not have a racial problem in America. This is multiculturalism, which separates us, and “diversity,” which divides us. This is the old “separate but equal” crowd.

Everyone relax. We are not heading for a civil war unless you mean true Americans getting tired of being manipulated and bullied. Black folks are killing each other in the streets every night, and you want to take down a Confederate monument? “Symbolism over Substance” is getting psychotic.

Let’s back up a step for a reality check. Why should it be illegal to be a racist? What can a racist do to me? Why should it be my business if a racist wanted to walk down the street and express hatred for me? And why on earth should the government make them stop?

Hey, liberals, black folks are NOT the pets of America. You cannot make us sit up and bark by pulling our chains. We are NOT The White Man’s Burden, and you are NOT responsible for us. I know you liberals think you are superior but nice, and just want to help the underprivileged slaves be more comfortable in their misery. I know how much you hate me and other independent, free-thinking black men who arrogantly reject your care. It’s OK, white liberals, you need not protect me from a statue. I can handle being in the shadow of a monument.

The real racists are those Americans, white and black, who believe I am helpless, defenseless and incapable to stand in the presence of racist white people unless I have my white handlers and black tribal chiefs protecting me. To believe I cannot stand the pressure of being spoken to with hate, to think I cannot survive competing or standing up to mean white people, is condescending, racist and arrogant. Who determines what’s mean, hateful, harmful or intolerant? This unnatural fear of others has given us safe spaces, the “thought” police and weak citizens.

I know what a racist is. One tried to kill me 47 years ago. That attack left me permanently disabled and in constant pain. I have seen the face of real racism, and I know how dangerous racists are. But a racist being a racist is no threat to me. If the racist tries to burn a cross on my lawn, I would not need police protection … he would. I am not a helpless man requiring my government mandate you treat me nicely. That would only result in all of us being treated harshly by our government.

I did not protest, demonstrate or write the book “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” to bring more Americans under the government slave-management system. We should not be better managed; we should be free to hurt each other’s feelings.

Most of us go about our daily lives around each other with no racial problems. We work together, shop, have lunch, ride the bus and live with each other. All day long we see each other and witness no racial tension. So why, after a full day of seeing the opposite, do we go home, turn in the television and witness a nation we have not recognized all day? Why would we believe the news instead of our own eyes?

Racial tensions only exist on the evening news. You will see reality tomorrow as you go about your day. They want us afraid to speak to each other, distrust the motives of each other and prejudge the character of each other based on the news, instead of our personal experiences with each other.

I know the Confederacy is part of the “Southern Culture,” and I admit not knowing what that really means. Why would poor white men fight for a system that kept them broke and unemployed? The Civil War was the North against poor white people trying to save the lifestyle of rich white people. With slaves doing most of the work, having most of the jobs, skills and expertise, it seems strange to get so many hard-working white Southerners to support their own poverty. But not understanding it does not make me want to restrict it.

So, Trump has not used media-approved language? It is obviously a hyped-up attempt to continue branding Trump. It is frustrating, but not effective. The general public is not concerned that Trump did not please the press. The general public is upset about the organized attacks on our culture and the “make believe issues” fueling them.

Mob rule will NOT dictate policy. Gang violence will NOT silence speech! The corrosive, bullying media will NOT shame us. However, you do NOT have freedom of speech at my doorstep. There is no right for you to protest me as a citizen. It is illegal for you to conspire to close down a freeway in protest, keeping me from getting to work. You should be arrested for planning to attack citizens with clubs. Paying someone to burn State and private property is criminal.

The police are hired to protect, enforce and guard over society. Any order to “stand down” for political reasons should be dealt with as a criminal manner. I call on President Trump to withhold federal funds from municipalities that order police to retreat or simply stand by and watch as citizens are being attack and property is being destroyed. Rioters and looters should be arrested, covicted and sentenced to jail. Civilians should be able to sue organizers for damages, and the funding sources of these groups should be investigated as a criminal organizations.

Fly your Confederate flag, salute your Nazi heroes, and honor your past slave holders. It has no effect on me because we won. “WE THE PEOPLE” defeated every foe with ideas, principles and force, not by taking down symbols.

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