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During a recent panel discussion about judicial reform and liberal efforts to block Senator Tim Scott’s police reform bill, Project 21 member Vince Ellison assured Newsmax viewers, “I’m an advocate of law enforcement.”

That being said, he pointed out police are not enough to keep people safe: “[I]f policing made anyone safe, Detroit, L.A. and Chicago would be the safest places in the world. And they’re not.” Vince explained that “[t]he police are not a security force… They’ll tell you that.”

Vince Ellison

What’s really important is that Americans are able to provide for their own security with a firearm:

If these riots did anything else, they proved that every argument against the Second Amendment has been obliterated. The things that keep people safe are their right to keep and bear arms. The police department is really an apprehension and investigative unit. Ninety-five percent of crimes are committed before they get there.

The right for people to defend themselves is an inalienable right given to them by God. It is irrevocable, nontransferable. It can be violated. It can be infringed upon and abridged. But it cannot be taken away.

And many of these liberal mayors have tried to do just that. And because of that, you have all of this violence and all of this chaos.

Noting that the police are “not clairvoyant” and are limited in their resources, Vince said the chaos in the cities is brought on by an inability for the people to protect themselves due to strict gun laws.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that congressional conservatives are “trying to get away with murder, actually – the murder of George Floyd” by not agreeing to liberal legislation for police reform. Vince countered that it is the liberal policies dominating large cities that can be blamed for out-of-control crime, violence and murders:

When Nancy Pelosi talks about committing murder to the black community… [t]hey should look at those inner cities where they have all the murders. This is something [liberals] control.

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Author: David Almasi