WND recently reported that Princeton University was instituting a “men’s engagement manager” to battle aggressive masculinity. Not only is Princeton’s decision foolish, but the fact some are too afraid to call this foolish is even more foolish.

Of course, the notion that men are dangerous and aggressive is a correct and required fact of society. We are dangerous, so stop attacking us. We are aggressive, so stop pushing us.

To all the feminists and feminist-lite men who hate strong, protective, aggressive and dangerous men, get over it. We are aggressive to any attempt to misdirect our children and a danger from any threats to our culture. We love our family, culture, nation and God. It was strong, aggressive and dangerous men who defeated our enemies, built the cities and explored the world. It is because of their courage we live safely today.

The reason society can enjoy the nightlife is because of aggressive and dangerous men who fought back the darkness. We had to be more aggressive and dangerous than the bear, wolf and those other clowns down the hill.

So, now that we have saved women and those metrosexual men from the dangers of the night, you want us to put our hair up in a bun, slide into onesies/rompers and put on makeup? You want us to debate bathrooms, if men can have babies and how to moisturize our skin?

Where did this start, and how did we get here?

First was the encouragement for women to work outside the home. And it wasn’t because of poverty. It was because the two-parent working household created more competition for limited goods and services with a larger workforce. This caused prices to increase, more products were purchased and supply decreased. Costs increased to match the buying power of the new two-income family.

Sure, the workforce increased, and that would normally increase productivity and keep cost down with more supply. However, the fast increase in the workforce also increased demand on the cost of going to work. Babysitters, second cars, clothing and lunch expenses left little extra income for the family. But costs continued to rise.

So, instead of spending time together, children had TVs in their bedrooms. They even had their own bedrooms and bathrooms. Mom and Dad gave them keys to the home, and they became “latchkey” kids and spent hours alone or with their friends, until one of the parents returned home from work.

Now the working parents were too tired for homework, play or just conversation with the children and depended more and more on outside resources and help.

They remembered the wholesome televisions shows of their youth. They recalled how caring, patriotic and reliable their teachers were when they attended school. So they felt not only comfortable but justified in surrendering their children to the schools, television and music industry to babysit. After all, they were working hard and sacrificing for the good of the children. They didn’t realize they were sacrificing their children to a dark and sinister hoax.

We then allowed ourselves to be convinced God would be offensive to the ungodly, so we must eliminate Him from public display. We allowed other beliefs to be promoted and godly principles to be ridiculed. We’re told when we can worship, where and in what manner. They have opinions of open display of our Bibles, how we celebrate our holidays and control even our words and thoughts.

So now we live comfortably in a world of abortion on demand, homosexuality as a civil right, schools teaching the superiority of government and debt as a positive thing. Knowing what’s right and wrong, we accept wrong because the group accepts it. We give up our own personal views of morality and allow Hollywood and Madison Avenue to define it for us.

The American spirit is depressed because it has not been exercised. This is the exact description of society described in my book, “Tribalism,” Group-think demands that you deny what you know is truth and promote a lie, knowing it is a lie.

At the same time, we were told not to judge, to be more tolerant and that our Christian beliefs would be better served cold. Our children grew up with more faith in the world’s belief system because they never saw their parents’ faith in action. They are looking for a safe space, not knowing the safest place to be is in the will of God.

Since “faith without works is dead,” we have a dead nation whose beliefs have been masked in a spirit of confusion. We have a nation that is void of faith and ignorant of the will of God.

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