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Joe Biden benefits from a biased media, but the press is getting the short end of the stick now that he’s president. Nevertheless, Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington doesn’t think this will lead to any changes in the way the press protects him.

Media attending Biden White House events frequently have no ability to ask questions. When they do, reporters are often preselected. And the president himself has even admitted that there are things his staff won’t allow him to speak about.

Asked if there’s “going to come a point when you see outrage from the mainstream media over their lack of access,” Stacy laughed and simply said “no.”

“They’re his lapdogs,” she added. “He owns them. They’re not going to complain.”

Appearing on the “Spicer & Co.” program on Newsmax TV, Stacy said any media pushback will be muted and mediocre:

They’ll say a few things on their shows. They may comment. But wide-scale…, I don’t think so.

They know who gives them the cookies in the briefing room. And that’s Jen Psaki.

Former Trump Administration advisor Sebastian Gorka, who appeared on the program with Stacy, registered his own complaint about the media: “Whichever way you slice it, it means these people are utterly, morally bankrupt.”

On the specific topic of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which has been proven to be legitimate, Stacy was asked if Twitter – which censored the New York Post’s reporting on the scandal during the final days of the 2020 presidential campaign – owed the Post an apology. “Of course they do,” Stacy replied, “Decent people are owed apologies.”

But she noted that any corrections, clarifications or other acts of contrition are relatively meaningless right now:

[T]he reason they can do this correction now is because it’s too late to matter.

The election already happened, and millions of Americans who wouldn’t have voted for [Biden] did. So they’ve gotten what they wanted, and they’re saying, “oh, by the way, to protect our integrity and our legacy over time, we’re going to issue this correction.” It means diddly, and their reputation – in my opinion – is shot.

Suggesting reforms to remedy the poor performance of the press, Stacy pointed out that protections from regulation should be stripped from social media companies:

They can’t be trusted. And I don’t know why we give them everything that we give them. Like, we should all be leaving their platform en masse. But it is the means of communication that is now as ubiquitous as the phone. And so, you know, they should be declared a utility and we should all get to do anything we want.

Host Sean Spicer, who served as the Trump Administration’s first press secretary, agreed with Stacy “exactly – 100%.” He declared that “Stacy on the Right is right on this one!”

Author: David Almasi