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Asserting that the media is trying to “cancel the truth just to fit their narrative ,” Fox News Channel host Jesse Watters noted that mainstream media hosts and the guests they bring on their programs are telling “flat-out lie[s].” And others are “attacked” if they merely state the facts about the crime problem in America in general or about officer-involved deaths in particular.

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper said black Americans aren’t falling for it: “The lie that blacks agree with this is just that – a lie.”

On the “Watters’ World” program, he explained:

There’s two lies that are taking place here.

One is the lie that, if you’re a black man in America, the law enforcement community has singled you out and they’re just going on a killing spree… [T]he evidence shows nothing of the sort is taking place…

But the second lie is that to be black means that you believe these things are true.

Providing a deeper dive into his second point, Horace explained that the media narrative actually covers up the true beliefs of the majority of the black Americans for whom the media claims to advocate:

Black Americans have been trying to express a contrary view to that of “The Squad,” to that of East Coast and West Coast media and other progressive elites.

They tell us – in every survey that they were asked since the summer – that, if we are choosing between more police and less police, we want more police. If we have to choose between less funding or more funding for the police, we want more funding for the police.

And so, Horace said, the media is actually pushing law-abiding black Americans into another area of intense scrutiny and sermonizing: gun ownership. He said:

Black Americans are actually joining in the effort to lawfully obtain firearms. Why is that? Because they recognize that, as the media narrative has gone forward – that it’s actually the bad police and systemic racism that is your threat – people aren’t noticing that grandma got shot or mugged, or my sister got raped or some other major, serious felony attack on people who happen to be minority.

Black Americans recognize this threat and they’re taking steps to minimize it, to prevent it, to protect themselves.

Author: David Almasi