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In Michigan, Project 21 member Chris Arps is working toward making key tenets of the organization’s “Blueprint for a Better Deal for Black America” a constitutional guarantee. But the left is pulling out everything they can to try to stop him.

The election integrity recommendations in the Blueprint are designed to safeguard the Civil Rights Movement’s goal of making sure black Americans have a voice in selecting their elected officials. In particular, there are recommendations to prevent noncitizens from voting and ensure votes are legally cast by requiring government-issue identification is presented before a ballot is issued.

Chris chronicled the Michigan situation in a Daily Caller commentary.

Photo ID to vote is wildly popular there, as Chris reported:

Opponents also claim a photo ID requirement is racist and amounts to voter suppression. But ACV commissioned a poll of 1,011 likely Michigan voters that found more than 75% of Michiganders support requiring a government-issued photo ID to vote. Black support is even higher at 79%. So much for racism – blacks want their votes to count!

That’s just making the left more antagonistic. “Because of the strong support, opponents are spending enormous sums of money and pulling dirty tricks to defeat voter ID,” Chris wrote.

Millions of dollars are being spent to thwart Chris and his colleagues. Opponents of photo ID have even reportedly paid professional petition-gatherers to not work for Chris’s side as a means of keeping them from getting enough signatures to get on the ballot.

“They should not be allowed to game the system,” Chris remarked.

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Author: David Almasi