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Project 21 Ambassador Mike Hill, who once served in the Florida House of Representatives, would love to see what’s happening these days in Florida schools become a nationwide trend.

Last year Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed school choice legislation that has helped to fuel an exodus of students from public schools into private schools.

As a result, public schools are shutting down. As the Daily Caller reports, “Broward County Public Schools, Florida’s second largest school district, has evaluated plans to close up to 42 campuses over the next few years.”

Mike Hill

Mike Hill

Now that Hill has seen up close what educational freedom can look like, he has set his eyes on changes nationwide:

It is time to close the U.S. Department of Education. This government waste has proven to be ineffective, inefficient and corrupt. States should control their own resources and schools, as the 10th Amendment to our Constitution says.

Florida and other states are taking steps to give control of the education system back to parents where it belongs. The result is that government schools are closing because students are leaving for other educational opportunities.

Florida, Arizona and other states have a voucher system by which parents can receive funds to pay for their children’s education at a school of their choice. Whether the school is private, charter or online, parents are accepting the voucher funding and making the education decisions that are best for their children.

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Author: The National Center