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The liberals’ house is on fire, but they were the ones who let the flames get out of control.

“That’s not the way to govern a country,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington said to Fox Business Network host Charles Payne, “especially when Biden promised us unity.”

From Afghanistan to vaccine mandates and boosters to the “infrastructure” spending bill, Payne noted that growing distrust of the Biden Administration points to a potential “declaration of civil war” by the more moderate supporters of the president.

Appearing on Payne’s “Making Money” program, Stacy explained this is a problem of their own making, because “it’s always the progressive left pushing, and the moderates bowing and acquiescing to their will.” This has moved the liberal coalition “far to the left.” And this radicalism is causing many to have second thoughts about Biden:

They’ve shifted on immigration. Where they used to protect their unionized constituency, and now they want open borders. They have open borders…

They’re gonna push for amnesty the same way they pushed for Obamacare… They’re gonna do it on their own.

Noting there has been pushback against this go-it-alone hard-left approach, particularly in the U.S. Senate, Payne wanted to know if Stacy thought this would derail infrastructure legislation that – if done right – should enjoy across-the-board support. Stacy pointed out the monstrous spending bill currently under consideration on Capitol Hill is just part of the overall problem:

If you look at the southern border, if you look at domestic policy, if you look at the withdrawal from Afghanistan, on all of these things, they’re diametrically opposed to the will of the American people.

So Americans do want infrastructure. There’s very little infrastructure in their bill. They want to monitor your bank account. They want to tax every mile that you drive. I think that Republicans are rightly opposing the bill because it doesn’t have enough infrastructure in it. And the Democrats aren’t paying attention to the mood of the country.

Having called the Biden Administration’s governance so far “a succession of shooting themselves in the foot,” Stacy added that “Americans no longer trust President Biden.” This prompted Payne to ask, “how badly has his political capital dwindled?” Stacy remarked:

If you look at the polling, Charles, across the board, if you’re looking at the most-likely voters on the [liberal] side, they oppose all of these actions. They’re not happy with Afghanistan. They’re not really talking about it… If you look at Facebook you won’t see it. But the polling shows they want normalcy again.

Stacy said these stalwart, stubborn liberals are “looking bad, and they should think again about their tack” to the left.

Bringing up the effort to raise the debt ceiling again, and conservative pushback, Stacy noted that this is the liberals’ comeuppance. Speaking about the opposition, she said critics are “calculating that Americans are really fed up.” She added: “Most business owners want people to come back to work, and raising the debt ceiling just enables more spending without any accountability.”

Author: David Almasi