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In New York City, city councilmembers are on the verge of awarding voting privileges to “non-citizens.” Approximately 800,000 new voters for local elections will be created after this measure passes.

“Every human is a citizen of some country,” points out Project 21 member Deroy Murdock in a Newsmax commentary. “A human non-citizen is not a thing.”

The linguistic sleight-of-hand should be seen for what it is – a liberal power grab at the expense of American citizens:

Rather than non-citizens, these people are foreign citizens. While they are not American citizens, they remain citizens of the foreign nations from whence they came – Mexico, Haiti, Russia, Singapore, New Zealand, and dozens more…

The New York City Council aims to dilute the local votes of American citizens by extending the franchise to 808,000 foreign citizens. This would include letting approximately 117,500 citizens of Red China select the mayors, City Council members, district attorneys and other officials of America’s most-populous municipality.

This is the epitome of a slippery slope:

And if foreigners may vote for school board and sheriff, why not state senator and governor? What the left wants is more. Why not let Green Card holders vote in state elections?

If this sounds too crazy to contemplate, remember how they all laughed at the Green New Deal, when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., unveiled it in 2019?

Not gonna happpen, the smart set chuckled.

Well, President Joe Biden just signed huge chunks of the Green New Deal into law last week via his $1.2 trillion so-called infrastructure bill.

“Today’s madcap left-wing fantasy is tomorrow’s statute,” Deroy warns.

This measure is supported by New York City Mayor-Elect Eric Adams – a move that Deroy says questions assumptions that Adams is the moderate-to-conservative leader he was portrayed as during the campaign. Deroy wonders: “Does this exception prove the rule, or is it an ominous preview of horrors to come?”

If this is being advocated now for legal foreign residents, how long until the push to include illegal alien voters? Just wait:

Give it a few years. And, of course, a President Pete Buttigieg would give illegal aliens free Uber rides to the polls.

To read all of Deroy’s commentary – “Foreign-Citizen Voting in U.S. Elections is a Bad Idea – Period” – at the Newsmax website, click here.

Author: The National Center