A sniper attacked concert attendees in Las Vegas and killed and wounded hundreds. Now we must grieve for the community while the fools around us try to leverage this attack for their political agenda. As always, the calls for “gun control” has already started, and the political movement is dominating the news.

“It is OK to Leave the Plantation” – though liberals will not tell you it’s OK. If you leave, they will not love you. Yes, it is a journey, but if you want to be free, you must stop them from taking care of you. FREE has always meant free from liberalism.

The public is aware of two things: No law could have avoided the Las Vegas tragedy, and those calling for “gun control” are really calling for “citizen control.” These are usually liberal Democrats doing the shooting – and demonstrating, protesting and calling for laws. Liberal laws never free you but always restrict you. It is usually the liberals who are against the police and who support criminals. Already the conspiracy theorists are trying to find a way to blame police, government agencies and other nations.

The attacker purchased multiple guns, brought them into the Mandalay Bay Casino and took days to plan. It was hatred that motivated him. It was not the number of guns; it was his hatred. The solution is not a deeper background checks, not a psychological evaluation of gun owners and not longer lines at hotel check-in.

Why do we always respond to attacks by restricting the public? We could take measures to defend the public until we are all locked up in our homes, and it still will not end this insanity. But having a police state to protect us from everything and everybody is the liberal dream. Taking away my guns will not make YOU safe; restricting what attachments I can buy for my guns will not make YOU safe.

I will not go through the arguments, nor will I respond to the commentary of late-night comedians. I know the left and understand liberalism, and I recognize their plan to dominate and control us. That is why I need my guns. That is why I am safer with as many weapons as I can afford.

Liberals not only believe they are smarter than you; they believe they are responsible for taking care of your dumb behind. The liberals believe you are too stupid to follow them voluntarily, so they just compel you to follow them … for your own good.

They do not care about life nor the quality of life. They don’t care about the unborn or the seniors, and every action from liberals is meant to gain more power over you. Every proposal from liberals is simply another restriction on your life.

They are against economic, social and spiritual freedom. They hate success, capitalism, family and corporations. They will never compromise, never reach out and never seek common ground. When will we stop thinking of them as the “Loyal Opposition” and begin to recognize them as a threat to everything we hold dear?

You cannot name one bill from the liberals in Congress that did not restrict you. They want to tax you before death and after death. They regulate every aspect of your life and tuck you into bed at night. They hate what you love, America. Come out from among them!

Compromising on your principles means you don’t have any principles. Cooperating with the liberals on any gun control following the Las Vegas mass murder will not result in them praising us, recognizing how we can work together and seeking more common ground. It will only embolden them, create more strife and result in less public freedom.

Continue to build the wall, fight terror worldwide, bring prosperity, and free the family to earn independence. They will not like you, support you or stop complaining. But it is the only way for us to be secure.

If you were safe and secure, you would not need welfare, public schools or social services – and you would NOT need liberals. Liberals are miserable, and misery loves company. To liberals, life is only a result of a mother’s choice, the air is deadly, the ocean rising, weather getting colder and hotter, and we will all die without government health care. This is why they don’t like makeup and shampoo, because animals were used to test them. Liberal women think sex is rape, and liberal men think men are weak.

Common America, we’ll get over the Las Vegas tragedy, but can we get over liberalism? The personal grief we feel will lessen because God is merciful. But we will still have these liberal and aggressive creatures trying to dominate and control us – until we get tired of accommodating and just say no.

No, we will love our flag, country, guns and our God. Just say no to control over your life, America. Every square foot of ground you stand on should be free ground because you are standing there.

The greatest lesson learned about the Las Vegas attack was not about guns, a belief system or the shooter’s hatred. The greatest story is told by the uncounted heroic acts of strangers in the crowd. The dutiful reactions of police and civilians are the real stories. We are a loving and peaceful nation made up of heroes.

I was not afraid, I was proud. No one asked about color, gender, income or citizenship. All this nut job did was illustrate who we are. We are Americans – and the response to Las Vegas emphasizes why I am so proud of my country.