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Tucker Carlson called it “such a smart observation.”

On Carlson’s Fox News Channel program, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper pointed out how former President Barack Obama has a habit of talking past divisive issues in a way that’s designed to make his opinions seem like an undeniable reality.

When it comes to Obama wading into the contentious debate over things like the divisive-by-design critical race theory, Tucker asked, “This isn’t helping, is it?”

No. And it is playing up a narrative of a systemically racism nation that doesn’t match Obama’s political ascension. Speaking about Obama’s rhetorical technique, Horace remarked:

It turns out that there’s been a lot of… repressed resentment of America – a place that has been wonderful to Barack Obama.

Two times elected president of the United States, and yet – in unguarded moments, or even guarded moments – his impulse is to criticize who America is and what America stands for.

Wondering if Obama’s aides have coached him to adopt this tactic of “creating the impression that he’s observing something that is true, and not an opinion,” Tucker’s head nodded in agreement as Horace brought up Obama’s infamous “bitter clingers” slur that he used against working-class, Rust Belt Americans who were not part of his coalition:

There are no such thing. And yet, he talked about it in such a way.

There is no evidence that, as America has had a changing racial dynamic take place, that we are seeing any out-workings that should alarm us or concern us. And yet, he uses that talking-past technique as a way of ratifying his own perception about what America is.

America is a place where we’re raising more interracial families, children than we’ve ever done in American history. We’re having more weddings and marriages – even in a pandemic – that we’ve seen crossing racial lines.

There’s no evidence in the workplace, nowhere, of this “concern” that he is identifying.

In the pursuit of political gain, however, Obama has persistently used such a trope:

It’s the kind of thing that a man who says “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin” – that shouldn’t surprise us that he continues down this path.

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Author: David Almasi