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 By William Haupt III / The Center Square contributor

President Joe Biden speaks during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021. – AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool

“Illegal immigrants are to immigration what shoplifters are to shopping.”

– David Letterman

As word spread throughout Europe about opportunities in the New World, Europeans cast their fate upon the rigging of the Mayflower. They braved the seven seas to reap the harvest of bountiful gifts awaiting them in America. They were dissatisfied living under monarchs with limited economic and social mobility. They were audacious, enterprising, industrious and eager to invest in America.

The spirit of our immigrant founders was the impetus for our independence and built the commerce of our nation. Immigration brought us craftsmen, skilled workers, Enlightenment thinkers, inventors, scientists and scholars. America attracted Europe’s most inspired citizens seeking social, cultural and national unity. America’s unlimited boundaries for all men built the foundation of her greatness.

But in subsequent years, the attitude of those seeking refuge in America changed. Rogue leaders, wars, poverty, religious malignity and political upheaval influenced waves of immigration; both legal and illegal. Some came to invest in America, but others came to live off the prosperity and wealth of the Americans.

“A simple way to measure a country is to look at how many want in.”

– Tony Blair

For years, America opened its doors to the oppressed, especially after the Great Wars and Asian conflicts. But flaws in our laws surfaced after the 2001 terrorist attacks and during the 2007-2009 recession. When large numbers of families showed up at our borders, our system imploded. For years, the left has blocked immigration reform, claiming it was inhumane to deny poor Mexican families entry to the U.S. Although this leftist altruism is admirable:

“The devil is in the details.”

– Gustave Flaubert

During the presidential debates, immigration was a hot topic with Democrats. Biden, who ran as a centrist in the Democratic primary against progressives and socialists, took a hard stand against open borders: “Undocumented immigrants need to ‘get in line’ and we have a right to ‘cherry-pick’ degreed, high-skilled immigrants. I will give only those with doctorates a seven-year green card.”

Latino activist Mayra Macías, wrote “Joe Biden is out of touch with every other Democrat running.”

Progressive candidate Latino Julián Castro said, “This is unacceptable for a Democratic candidate.” But Biden retorted, “When people cross the border illegally, it is illegal, unless they seek asylum.”

Throughout the primary, Biden refused to address the Obama-era immigration deportation policies that Donald Trump continued. In fact, he defended deportation. But during a CNN interview, under pressure from progressives after he received the nomination, Biden boldly did an about face on his position!

“It’s a big mistake to import anyone here illegally without a criminal record.”

– Joe Biden

Of course, for Biden this is politics as usual, and the day he took office Biden laid out his vision for major immigration reforms. He wants to provide citizenship for over 11 million people who are illegally in the U.S. and halt deportation of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. He ended asylum rules that prevented privilege abuse. He pledged less border security to allow more illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. under more lenient laws. He promised them access to federal and state social welfare programs.

For someone who ran in the center on immigration and supported Obama’s deportation policies for eight years, why was Biden so easily convinced to turn to the far left on immigration? Biden saw the writing on the political wall when the GOP secured key victories in the in 2020 state elections. This will pay huge dividends for the GOP after the census and during the state redistricting process.

Since House seats and Electoral College votes are assigned by total population, increasing head counts in blue states is vital for progressive socialists. So don’t be surprised if Biden signs an executive order to build a bridge across the Rio Grande over to the U.S. border in a few weeks.

“Just because someone is here illegally doesn’t mean they broke any of our laws.”

– Nancy Pelosi

The 2020 census reveals the number of U.S. illegal immigrants will shift 26 House seats. Changing the party of 21 Congressmen can flip control of the House. Of 26 seats that will be lost, 24 are from states that voted GOP in 2016. Five blue states will gain 19 seats: California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. Texas and Florida are the only two GOP states who will gain seats.

When Socialist Bernie Sanders won his sixth primary, it threw a monkey wrench in the left’s plans to turn the republic into a socialist nirvana through the back door with help from our southern border. When progressive socialists panicked, they resuscitated Biden from inevitable retirement, and rewrote his resume. Overnight, they transformed a perennial loser into a progressive Horatio Alger.

The left has been candidly outmaneuvering the GOP, planning their political future. Although the GOP will be in charge of the redistricting in critical states, the left is offering carrots from the public treasury to lure illegal immigrant families to come to their sanctuary cities. By increasing their head count in Congress and in the Electoral College, they will cancel out most losses during redistricting.

Author Calvin Trillin wrote, “When you put a puppet on a throne, never let go of the strings.” Biden is a stand in for a real president, and does not make the call on anything. Allowing Biden to manage immigration reform would be like putting Forest Gump in charge of the Army Air Corps bomb squad.

“It is easy to get along. Just stand up straight, and just answer yes.”

– Forest Gump

Biden is desperate to increase the headcount for the left. But laborers drain on our support system while skilled workers and professionals invest in our nation. They enhance our workforce and bring value to our society. They pay taxes and increase our GOP. Any discussion on immigration reform that does not improve this important element of our migration policies should be DOA in Congress.

Latinos are the nation’s fastest growing voting segment. If Biden can’t convince his party and his progressive and socialist comrades to cut deals with the GOP on immigration reform, he’ll not pass anything at all. With middle and upper class Latinos trending more toward the GOP, if Biden will not work with the right on pragmatic immigration reform, he’ll lose control of this progressive base.

Biden has a record of failures at every level of government. If he fails on immigration reform, it will be his Waterloo. It will nail the coffin shut on his political career, and turn over the reigns to Harris.

The GOP must decide; would it be better to deal with Biden or with Harris on immigration reform?

It is time the GOP expressed a desire to address immigration reform on “their terms,” which would favor a higher class of immigrants. Progressives are under the gun to deliver before the midterms.

“Why do people with certain political ideologies want to help other people break the law? If we can answer that question, we can clarify our response to the issue of illegal immigration.”

– Lee Elmer

Author: Frances Rice