The idea of Oprah Winfrey running for president rose and failed like a cheap Fourth of July rocket. The hysterical Hollywood elites, along with the mainstream press, have been eager to find a suitable replacement for Trump. They seem to believe that the national turn toward Trump was because of a “messaging” problem on their part. These folks make their living through persuasiveness and their ability to moderate your behavior. They think your choice of sneakers, cars, vacations and movies are all due to their power to influence your personal choices. They believe this so much that they try to use it politically, socially as well as spiritually.

So here comes Trump, a white, self-made billionaire businessman and entertainer who ran for president and won. They believe he won due to his notoriety, name recognition and the ability to persuade voters to his way of thinking. So in looking for a candidate to beat him, Oprah is perfect. She is a black, female, self-described as a self-made billionaire – who was also abused by men when she was younger.

They believe America doesn’t care about issues, only that she is known and appears to be such a nice lady. But are we like that? Did we vote for Trump because we like “The Apprentice” television program?

Trump got our support not because we agreed with his principles. He got our support because he agreed with our principles. He got support from black unemployed auto workers in Detroit and the white unemployed coal miners in West Virginia. We want jobs, opportunities, freedom and security. And we know what it looks like; we don’t want to be told what it is. Oprah would have to run on her record. She supported Obama and Hillary, so we know what her issues are. A race between Trump and Oprah will be the same race as Trump against Hillary. Freedom or slavery? That will be your choice.

What would you Bernie Sanders people do? You have seen the DNC openly conspire to keep your guy from winning the primaries. It was not fair, but they expect you to sit by as they give the election away again. Are you Sanders followers willing to be cannon fodder for the Democrats one more time?

The Rasmussen poll had Winfrey supported by 48 percent of likely voters over President Trump’s 38 percent. Gee, imagine how far that will fall when voters actually get to know her politically. All we know of Oprah is the skillfully crafted image she presents. We do not know her political stance on the issues or her constitutional understanding.

We do know that she’s very pro-woman – from her films like “The Color Purple” where all the men were weak or ruthless, to her investment of $40 million for a school for girls in Africa. With her vision of Africa, only the little girls will have a quality education; the boys will be working in the fields. What kind of relationship would that create between men and women? With the women educated and better-employed, it would have the same results of the old South, when girls left the farm for college and the boys stayed home to keep the farm going. The next generation of black Southern female nurses, teachers and secretaries had a difficult time relating to the uneducated farmhand. This gave fuel to disrespect between the two and helped break up black families. Oprah attempting to help only African girls with school will have the same effect.

Liberals fantasize about symbolism. The current flavor of the month is the strong, independent, dominant women. They would salivate over being led by empty suits like Michelle Obama. The symbolism of being ruled by a black woman would be a fantasy come true for the childish leftist.

They count people as members of groups because they are group managers. They represent blacks, poor, criminals and the sexually confused. The only groups they do not represent are Americans, patriots, capitalists, the military and the free. The old Democrats managed the slave system from planting to the market, and they are managing the new slave system today.

In my book “Tribalism” I point out that this belief system requires the sacrifice of individual beliefs for the good of the tribal chief. They sacrificed Bernie Sanders, Al Franken and others, and they will sacrifice America if it gets them what they want, rulership.

Oprah is only the ghost candidate of the looney lewd left, and I truly doubt she will run, but there will soon be others. Soon we will have “Weekend at Bernie’s: The Sequel,” along with Pocahontas Warren, crazy Uncle Joe Biden and maybe a return of the Swamp Monster Hillary Clinton to entertain us until President Trump is inaugurated again, in 2021.