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Not only are our founding documents such as the Constitution and Declaration of Independence being called discriminatory, but the very building that holds them – the National Archives in Washington, D.C. – is said to be rife with “structural racism.”

What’s worse is that these accusations are not being heaped upon the institution by the typical activist groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa. The claim was made in an internal report by the Archives staff!

“I am appalled,” writes Project 21 member Emery McClendon. In a letter to the National Archives and Records Administration, he laid out his concern that the truth about our nation’s founders is at risk of being subjugated by a radical political agenda holding little respect for our system of government:

I am upset because we once again have a small group of people wanting to disgrace our country – using the excuse of racism to divide us.

I am upset because, as a black person, I find it degrading that they won’t allow me to use my own judgment on the matter.

Our Founding Fathers and the documents they left us are important to the history of our republic. They represent every American, regardless of ethnic background. They should be looked upon as items of respect and dignity, and our Founders should be held in high regard as people who sought to share a vision of American unity for our citizens both then and now.

There is no need for “safe spaces” at our national monuments or government buildings. What is needed are spaces in our schools and libraries for our students and others to learn the true history of our founding documents, and our nation’s history.

When citizens know the truth, they respect and revere our nation’s culture.

The keepers of our founding documents and buildings should be held accountable to safeguard the American Dream. They should not disrespect it.

We don’t need diversity, equity, inclusion or any other form of critical race theory forced on us at these sites. What we need is instruction in the truth.

The Patriot Project discussed Emery’s letter here.

Author: David Almasi