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Black Future Month


By Clarence Mason (AKA Mason Weaver)

Leave The Plantation Organization has declared March BLACK FUTURE MONTH.

Now is a time to celebrate and contemplate the Spiritual, Political, Economical, and Cultural opportunities opening up to Black people in America. Now is a time to prepare ourselves to participate in the prosperity flowing through our nation.

With the Historical record low unemployment, poverty rate, and higher income, this is a time to celebrate our future. With the record stock market, it’s time to become investors. With Billions more cash flowing to Historically Black Colleges, it is more opportunity for education. Black people have more political power, economic power, and more influence over our social and financial future. It seems to be a perfect time to take advantage of them all.

Being the descendants of African Kings and Queens is of little value if we are acting like paupers and sheep. It does not matter what month we celebrate our History; it only matters how you honor it, with the Future.

There is no honor in remembering their sacrifices if we are not going to take advantage of what they gained. They broke open the doors; the real celebration will be going through those doors. Struggling threw adversity is our History; what we do with the victory will be our Future.

Let us not spend more time remembering our History than we do in making our Future. We cannot take pride in what someone else has done with their lives, only in what we have done with ours. It is called “self-pride.”

Clarence Mason Weaver is an author and motivational speaker and Founder of Leave The Plantation Organization

“If you look back into History as you walk forward, you will stumble into the future!” Masonism.

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