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Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper challenged President Joe Biden to open up the files that prove his claim that “the intelligence community” has identified that “terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat” to America.

On the Fox News Channel program “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Horace declared, after being asked about Biden’s divisive Tulsa speech that sought to pit race against race:

I ask – right now – for the president of the United States to declassify whatever intelligence that he is purporting to rely upon in making this claim.

But Horace doesn’t expect to see any transparency from the White House. “It’s a flat falsehood,” he assured Carlson.

Calling rhetoric that’s obviously designed to increase racial tensions “really, really sad,” Horace classified Biden’s actions as “perhaps one of the worst race hoaxes since the Jussie Smollett charge.” He explained:

When the president of the United States stands up and lies to the American people about the American people, he says that we are so racist. And that, in particular, you look around in your community and you need to keep your eye out for one particular type of individual – white men, white nationalists, white racists.

There is no evidence of any of this. There’s no evidence that this problem exists in the workplace. There’s no evidence that this problem is happening at our jails. There’s no evidence in anyplace.

And yet, Horace noted, despite all the assertions by Biden and others about systemic racism and white nationalist conspiracies, things were getting better for the black community prior to Biden’s election:

Record numbers of black Americans participated in the elections in 2020, and also in 2018. Record numbers of black Americans gained job opportunities. Record lows in terms of the number of people complaining about hate crime or actually filing charges.

You know what the spike in hate crimes are? Antisemitism. And now, anti-Asian. And – disproportionately – the six percent of the population is identified as the blame: black men.

Where is the white male, white nationalist, white racist threat?

“We’re having a circumstance where we’re told what we see, we must deny, and they only listen to the lie,” Horace warned.

Author: David Almasi