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Two Project 21 members appeared on the Fox News Channel this week to lament how athlete-turned-whiner Colin Kaepernick has now painted his adoptive parents as racist in his new graphic novel.

On “The Ingraham Angle,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper joined host Laura Ingraham and Rep. Byron Donalds in a discussion on this topic. He said:

It just tells me: Racism is so awful in America, that Colin Kaepernick’s little coloring book is likely going to be a bestseller, because everybody’s on the racism train.

I look at this story of his life, and what I see is a life that many millions of Americans would be grateful for, would find an amazing story of the possibilities of what makes America.

Here’s a man who is living a life where parents do the very kinds of things that they do every single day — we call these loving parents — to make it possible for you to be a success. If my mother and father and my grandmother hadn’t intervened to influence me — by the way, Colin Kaepernick would probably call them racist too even though they’re all black — I wouldn’t be sitting right here today.

You’ve got Prince Harry, you’ve got Colin Kaepernick, two SUPER SUPER privileged people, complaining about how they grew up.  Amazing.

On “Fox & Friends First,” Project 21’s Stacy Washington said:

These parents chose him, they raised him. They spoiled him rotten — I mean, this is a man who hasn’t fully grown up.

But my heart really goes out to his mom and dad, because raising a child is the most important job a parent will every have. And also it’s one of the most painful jobs, because you have conversations with your kids where… out of love, you may end up hurting their feelings, and kids hurt their parents.

These are things that happen in high school. What high schooler has not had an argument with their family about their clothing or their hair or their makeup?

What I don’t understand is: Where is the relationship for him? When does he reach out to his parents — instead of writing a book — and just say: “hey, you know what? when you said I looked like a little thug, it felt a little racist to me?” and let his parents talk it through with him instead of making it a public issue?

He’s an ungrateful kid, but he’s also OLD. He’s OLD. Why are we still talking about his childhood?

Author: Jennifer Biddison