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Starting off their conversation with the observation that “context is so crucial in every major question,” former Trump Administration senior advisor Sebastian Gorka asked Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper to address the leftist assertion that the voting-related HR 1 is integral to “stopping racial inequality.”

Horace noted the opposite is actually true:

This bill is promoting one of the biggest falsehoods that we have seen… [the] inability to participate in elections.

Horace added that “[i]f we would like a replication of what happened in 2020, HR 1 is the perfect tool to ensure [that].” Putting the alleged crisis in greater context, Horace explained:

In 2018, the percentage of black Americans who voted in America set a record high. And that was only broken by the record number of black Americans who voted in 2020.

The real purpose of these measures is not actually to protect black Americans. That’s a very, very useful dodge…

At the end of the day, the real goal here is to prevent the greatest experiment in self-government from going forward. And that is letting “we the people” decide what our policy is going to be, who our officials are going to be.

What HR 1 would really accomplish, in Horace’s analysis, is create circumstances in which liberal opportunists can “overwhelm the existing base of actual voters” with those who will do their bidding:

When you allow ghosts, convicts and illegals to participate, you will be surprised to find that the ghosts, the convicts and the illegals are way more interested in bigger government, greater taxation. And they will divest from real, bona fide citizens any ability to decide for themselves whether or not these terrible, destructive policies that harm them are going into effect.

With liberals dominating Washington politics right now, Gorka asked if “statehouses are the solution.” Horace replied: “That’s where we are right now.”

Citing polling data showing black Americans favor less regulation and fewer taxes and don’t want their own money to subsidize those unwilling to work, Horace noted how the liberal agenda actually cuts against black interests. And HR 1 would only strengthen that grip through its new voting rules:

Why then – on Election Day – are we supposed to believe that, overwhelmingly, black Americans supported the opposite vision?… HR 1 seeks to divest, from states, the ability to make sure real people – blacks, whites and brown – are actually making the decisions about policies. They would like to replace them with proxies who are guaranteed to vote… exactly as the big government progressives want.

Horace mentioned to Gorka that the increase in minority support for Trump came from those who saw the former president’s policies working for them.

And, relevant to the discussion of liberals attempting to use procedural voting changes to cement their big government agenda, Gorka asked Horace to comment the budget-busting spending bill that was just signed into law.

Horace warned that “the consequences are gonna be significant.” He explained that the bill’s negative effects will likely be particularly hard on poor and minority communities:

Here we are expressly providing financial support for people who are not supposed to be in the country…

The people who suffer are not going to be elites. They’re not going to be the upper middle class. They’re going to be the lowest among us….

If you’re a bureaucrat, if you are part of big government – over at the state level – this bill rewards you handsomely… But if you are independent and try to stand up for yourself, but you’re of modest means, this bill leaves you out.

Bringing up some good economic news, Horace – who was in Texas at the time of the interview – also reported on the state’s lifting of its mask mandate:

It is [now] up to us… to decide… with regard to social distancing and mask-wearing.

And I’ve been out today. And I was actually quite struck by how many places had removed the signs saying that it was somehow state law that one had to do certain things, and… how crowded – in fact – places were because people were feeling free to go out.

As a result of the easing restrictions, his prediction for the Lone Star State was optimistic: “A big boom economically is heading this way.”

Author: David Almasi