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Leave The Plantation Organization
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Radio Campaign to Confront the Lies and Expose the Truth
by Leave The Plantation Organization

“How can Liberal Blacks still Support Their Abuser?”

Our Plan

Mason Weaver is an ex-Berkeley militant graduated in 1975 with degrees in Political Science and Black History. He became a radical revolutionary when a white shipmate tried to kill him by dropping 2,800 pounds of metal on him. He became permanently disabled, hated America and hated white people. His transformation became the subject of a documentary of his life by Dr. James Kennedy “Coral Ridge Hour” television program.

He went on to become the First Black Radio Talk Show Host in Southern California, wrote a newspaper opinion column and authored 8 books on race relations, business and the American Culture. As a Motivational Speaker, Mason has traveled across America and the world teaching the real solution to racial tension and personal responsibility. He is uniquely qualified to stand before the people and defend the “American Privilege!”

Winning Black Voters

Gaining access and winning the hearts of black voters is not hard, if you know where their hearts are. Many people think you reach the black community through the pastors but that cannot be the only avenue. Just like the white community, pastors have limited influence over the actions of the people. If pastors had tremendous influence, Nike would be offering pastors money to endorse their products. Who can influence the purchase of cars, shoes, vacations, clothing, drinks for more customers? The entertainers, athletes and celebrities. This is what we are missing.

Many well-known Black celebrities have endorsed President Trump, but they are only used for rallies where Trump supporters already agree with him.

  • Young Urban black Americans do not get their news or views from pastors or regular news.
  • They get them news from the radio.
  • They do not read or listen to talk radio, they listen to music.

Urban radio has a concentration of black, young listeners, the rates are extremely low and the audience very loyal. For a fraction of the cost of other advertising, Mason can reach, teach and motivate a large segment of this population.

You cannot think and stay liberal. (We have to get them to #THINK)

The reasons for these cites, are based on the past and current political landscape all over the country. No surprise these are the same cities hit by the violent riots.

Larger and smaller urban radio stations where there is a high concentration of black, young listeners, the rates are extremely High and some Low, but the audience is very loyal. For a fraction of the cost of other advertising you can reach, teach and motivate a large segment of this population.

Support Us

Mason, and independent business man, who speaks to the hard to reach Urban Community.

Most of America is RED Except The Large Cities

  • California is RED, except for Los Angeles and San Francisco area.
  • Missouri, except Saint Louis and Kansas City
  • Illinois, except for Chicago and East Saint Louis
  • Georgia, except Atlanta
  • Florida, except for Ft. Lauderdale and Miami
  • Michigan, except for Detroit
  • Ohio, except Cleveland and Cincinnati
  • North Carolina, except for Raleigh/Durham and Greensboro
  • Pennsylvania, except for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

For example, in the 2012 election Barack Obama won Philadelphia by 500,000 votes and Romney lost Pennsylvania by 200,000 votes.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

STRENGTHS: Mason Weaver has 4 decades of experience with radio, interviews, debates, public speaking, preaching and defending his positions. He knows this audience and he knows the issues. He will be able to appear as a guest, and not be fooled or tricked by the very aggressive and hostile hosts. He will leave the audience with information and choices.

WEAKNESSES: When Mason Weaver first analyzed this campaign (June 1995) he targeted 13 different cities across America. Over the last four decades Mason Weaver has trained dozens of speakers. Mason is affiliated with dozens of speakers and has a list of conservative black entertainers we can approached moving forward.

Clarence Mason Weaver with TrumpOPPORTUNITIES: In the last few years Mason has appeared on The Lou Dobbs Show, The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan, Tucker Carlson and Fox And Friends Weekend, plus a host of radio shows. As we progress with the program there should be more opportunity to appear, defend and recruit. Mason was Former member of the Advisor Board: Black Voices for Trump.

THREATS: Of course if we are successful we will run up against many militant, aggressive groups who will not like my message. They are dangerous and we will not take them for granted. This message is too important, our values are at stake and we MUST succeed.

Market Segmentation

Liberal America | 18-35 years old | Males and Females | Inner City | Hip-Hop culture

Target Market

Traditional Democrat Voters

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy: Start the conversation by radio, personal appearances, then debate and share our vision.

Slogan: “How Can Black People Still Support Their Abuser?” and “You Cannot Think and Stay Liberal.”

Measurable Success: obtaining 20% of the Liberal votes for Conservatives and keep 20% on the fence.

Measured Results: We should see a change in voter registration, discussion in the community and a swell of support.

Leave The Plantation Materials: hundreds of videos, 2 minutes sound bites (commercials), major speeches and interviews. Available online when people respond.
After the election we will continue to engage, teach, motivate and grow this audience. Live broadcast on Social Media is available also.

Mason’s books aimed at this endeavor

  •  “It’s Ok to Leave the Plantation”
  • “Tribalism”
  • “The Democrat Party Hates America”

These books discuss the issues in different ways. We cannot expect the radio audiences to buy the books. However we can offer them to our supporters to generate revenue. This will allow Mason to execute this program as an Independent business man. Let them criticize a successful black entrepreneur spending his own money to deliver a message to his people. This would also shield our supporters and investors from boycotts and other dangers.

All books are currently already available. Buy Books Here


Clarence A Mason (CAM) Sample Commercials

Spoken With Authority
“The Truth Right Between the Lies”

We stand on FOUR PILLARS called (S.P.E.C.s)


Leave the Plantation 4 Pillars

The very SPECs of America are these four pillars. And these SPECs built the foundation of America and they will be the only SPECs to keep it together. Separating these SPECs only decreases our effectiveness and strength to stand. There are examples of these separate SPECs working individually all over America, but nowhere else can you find an organization moving seamlessly through all four pillars.

Clarence A Mason

Sample Commercials2020

Mason Weaver’s One-Page Bio


Clarence A Mason (aka Mason Weaver)

  • Political Science Degree, UC Berkeley
  • Disabled Vietnam Veteran
  • Speaker-Debater-Commentator-Motivational
  • 2000 California State Assembly Candidate
  • 2010 California Congressional Candidate
  • Former Member of Board of Advisors: Black Voices for Trump (

Radio Talk Show Host

  • KPRZ San Diego Ca
  • KCEO Carlsbad Ca
  • KOGO San Diego Ca
  • Syndicated on Truth Radio Raleigh, NC

Television Commentator, Community Service, Columnist

  • 700 club with Pat Robinson
  • Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher February 27, 1997 (has been removed off internet)
  • Fox and Friends
  • Candidate for State Assembly district 74, San Diego County 2000
  • Candidate for United States Congress 54 district, San Diego Ca. 2010
  • News Paper Opinion Writer for San Diego County North County Times and The Fallbrook Village News

Films and Documentaries

Author of 9 books

(See them all at:

  • It’s OK to Leave the Plantation
  • The Rope
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Polishing the Diamond in the Rough
  • Tribalism
  • The Democrat Party Hates America
  • The Seven Principles of Success
  • Poverty! It Didn’t Fit My Lifestyle

Major speeches

  • Team Building
  • Negotiations
  • Science of Motivation
  • Community cooperation

Understand Black People


Black Church Pastors


Mason Weaver on the Lou Dobbs (FoxNews)

Lou Dobbs Fox News
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Part 2

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