Does Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones from Alabama really think his opponent, Judge Roy Moore, should pull out of the Senate race? If he were standing by moral standards, he would also be encouraging Rep. John Conyers and Sen. Al Franken to resign. Where is the alleged leadership from Doug Jones? And why hasn’t he issued a press statement demanding Franken and Conyers resign? Why haven’t we seen him declare his support for women and demand a change in the workplace environment in Congress?

Liberal and fake Republicans are only looking for some reason to keep Judge Moore out of the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is convinced that Moore would not support his continued leadership, which may be fueling his call for Moore to pull out of the race. The GOP removing funds and support for Moore is just a continuation of the long battle between the entranced party leadership and the conservative wing of the party.

President Trumps’ support for Judge Moore is based on political logic – boting conservative or liberal, supporting your values or not. Are we willing to participate in the defeat of Judge Moore and reward the Senate seat to the opposition? Many of you will be complaining and crying about the Republicans’ inability to get anything done. You will be whining about how there is no unity, no cooperation and no direction within the party. Some will be calling for new leadership. Well, you will only get more of what you have been getting by setting Moore aside and awarding the liberal Democrat the privilege of representing the conservative folks of Alabama.

You will be getting more slow-walking of Trumps’ nominees, more delays on the border wall and more weakening of the tax bills, if we continue to go in this direction. We will continue to come out and fight the unresponsive GOP leadership, and they will continue to ignore us.

But we have an opportunity to kick back at this monster. There is a real good reason they are against Judge Moore. They know him and they fear him. They fear how he will vote, what he will stand for and what he will not stand for. I really don’t have a problem with that.

If they can come against Judge Moore because of the positions he will take, why can’t we support him for the positions he will take? Are we saying that watching the liberal senator from Alabama vote against our principles, support failed polices and fight to keep the slavery of Obamacare will make us feel better just because no woman has accused him of misbehavior 40 years ago?

Ladies who’ve accused Judge Moore: I know confrontation is difficult. I know accusing a popular, powerful man is difficult. It is clear there is a tremendous price to pay for coming out with such accusations. But to live in the same state, watch elections after elections and say nothing makes it very difficult to sell your points. Not to make this charge during the primary and only waiting until it has the most powerful political cost brings suspicion on your credibility.

As I wrote in my last column and as president Trump now has stated, we do not need another liberal Democrat in the Senate. It should not be a hard choice. Who do you want to vote on immigrations, taxes, Obamacare, trade, the wall and judges? Are we really saying these allegations are enough to allow the liberal Democrats to gain another foothold?

I cannot believe this is really a debate. To all of my friends wringing there hands over this, you should ask yourself a question. Consider your moral stance when you think about assaults on women, abortion, health-care costs, drugs coming across the border. Are you really prepared to give control back to the liberal, freedom-hating Democrats just to declare your discomfort with these allegations?

Judge Roy Moore has run for office for decades, he has been controversial for decades – and these allegations are just being pushed now? Some of you guys sound like the “Never Trumpers” who were willing to give our nation over to the Crime Syndicate just because your candidate did not win. This should not be a question; this should be crystal clear. I do not want a liberal Democrat anywhere near the seat of power.

With the daily dose of “Who abused whom?” coming out in the news, more people may be doubting these accusers. At the very most, we seem to be doubting the motives and timing of the allegations. Don’t forget: We almost didn’t get Justice Clarence Thomas due to a false allegation. And we did get Obama because of a sexual story forcing his opponent out of his U.S. Senate race. The next Supreme Court vacancy may come at any minute.