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Saying the British media “never really gave her a chance,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington characterized the treatment of Meghan Markle as “brutal” and “frightening.”

That being said, when it came to an assertion that Markle made in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that a member of the royal family had expressed “concerns” about the skin color of her then-unborn child with Prince Harry, Stacy said, “I just want context.”

In a segment on the Newsmax TV program “Wake Up America” that discussed the British royal family and race, Stacy pointed out that “extended family relations can be fraught with difficulties.” Since Markle’s assertion was left hanging, with no name assigned to the alleged comment, Stacy remarked:

I would have preferred for her to give some more context there rather than to drop that bombshell without anything further.

Stacy then brought up her own experiences to explain the need for context regarding such conversations:

Many, many family members – including my own – when you look at the variations in skin tone, discussions are had. Whose hair do you think the baby will have?  Whose skin tone do you think the baby will have? And babies always surprise us…

So we don’t know the context in which that discussion was had. If it was had in a racially incendiary context , then it’s horrifying. But if it was had in a nonchalant way… that can be a discussion that’s had that’s not racially incendiary.

This is especially important since Markle is publicly at odds with her in-laws.

“[I]f you have a bad relationship with someone, and they bring up something that’s sensitive to you,” Stacy noted, “you’re going to take it in a bad way even if they don’t mean it.”

Author: David Almasi