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By Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan


While it shouldn’t be newsworthy in the first place, in today’s woke
and warped reality where men can get pregnant and so-called “equity”
matters more than equality and merit, it’s worth celebrating a very rare
win for common sense in this country. 

This week, I was very pleased to see an international court reject
transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ appeal to compete against biological
female swimmers in the upcoming Paris Olympics. 

While the Left was all-to-happy to scream “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE” at
anyone who even dared to question the benefits of mask mandates and
extreme lockdown policies throughout the pandemic, they’ve suddenly
thrown science out the window when it comes to allowing biological males
(like Thomas) to compete against biological females. 

As the former All-American swimmer and superstar athlete Riley Gaines powerfully states: 

It’s not sexist to acknowledge biological differences. Men, on
average, are stronger, taller, and faster than women — it is fact. These
advantages do not disappear because an individual wills it to be so.

To tell young girls that they must compete against athletes who
possess these inherent physical advantages is to tell them that their
efforts and achievements are less valuable.

It is to tell them that they are not worthy of calling
themselves champions, that they must resign themselves to competing for
second place.

It’s a devastating message to send to the next generation of female athletes.

I couldn’t agree more. 

I was also pleased to see a federal judge just block President
Biden’s new changes to Title IX, which would have tragically required
schools to allow biological men to use women’s restrooms, locker rooms,
and dorms on college campuses. If that’s not wrong, I don’t know what

It is well past time for the Left to finally heed their own words and follow the actual science.

Author: Frances Rice