Joel Patrick and Kaitlin Bennett are seen having a conversation with some young students about Trump, Racism, Police Brutality, Building the Wall and more. This video was a great display of an honest and mild debate about opposing views. #TRUMP2020Landside, #maga

One of the young ladies in the video expressed her experience and transformation while writing a research paper about President Trump’s Build the Wall issue. “After I finished, I agreed with some beliefs for the Wall…I hated to say it but…” I commend her bravery to think for herself and admit it on camera. Whoever this young lady is and any others like her, we want to help you learn and grow.

Join other free thinking people. “It took free people to free oppressed people.” -Mason

Thank you Joel and Kaitlin and I have a question for you: What will happen to this young lady after she leaves your presence? Where does she have to turn? Her family and friends are ready to jump all over her for thinking differently.  In order for her to survive the instant ridicule, she need support the very next minute and days of her life. Ideally, she needs to experience the fellowship and support  of like-minded free people.

Here at the Leave The Plantation and the New Underground Railroad Project, we have just that place: The Online Community Safe houses.  

Be a part of this movement to lead others to freedom, peace and hope for the future of America. The next time you meet others like this young lady, please let them know there is a safe place for them to join others exactly like her.

You two are doing a great job beating the streets spreading the message of freedom and truth. And we are doing the job of helping them grow into strong warriors who are able to withstand the lies of the left. It is not enough to help them open up and admit the truth. Allow us to nurture them through their safe passage to freedom.

This is a Must See Video Click HERE:
(“This Obama supporter had an awakening and told JoelPatrick and Kait’s Unsafe Space that she thinks building a wall is a good idea.”)

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Don’t let this be another missed opportunity to free more people.