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Scott Shepard

Scott Shepard

“Here’s a plan to defeat equity-based discrimination by playing by the rules of the discriminators,” writes Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard at RealClearMarkets:

Let’s all declare ourselves – preferably on the same day to underscore the point, but really whenever – non-binary, queer and other-raced. Their grand plans for systemic discrimination won’t be able to survive it….

Note that none of these declarations would in any way be false – for anyone. Non-binary, as a sex, doesn’t mean anything at all, so it can’t be false to claim to be it…. So what the hell: non-binary for everyone.

Ditto “queer.” As part of the sexual-orientation alphabet soup, queer means something – anything, really – other than the standard categories of gay, lesbian or bisexual…. Identify something you find sexy or romantic or off-putting or about which you are neutral, feel unique about it, and do not bother to check whether you really are unique; again, this is your special identity. There you go. Now you’re queer….

The real equity warriors at the company will want to object. The central purpose of equity, after all, is to discriminate against whites, men, and straight people, and suddenly there won’t be any of those left to discriminate against. But there won’t be anything they can do about it. If they try to dig deeper into your self-identifications, first ask them if they’re challenging everyone’s, and by what systematic process. There’s no way for them to respond.

Read Scott’s full commentary here.

Frustrate the New Discrimination With National Declaration Day

Author: The National Center