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     Wake up every morning with your woman in your arms and say a prayer over her before she gets out of that bed. You cover her before she gets up in the morning, brother; you’re going to like how she says thank you. You let her know her husband has covered her in prayer.

When you come home, don’t just say “I’m home, baby,” and let her walk away. You take her in your arms for a few seconds and whisper,” I’m glad to be home. I missed you.” Then let her go take care of business. You let her expect a greeting every time her husband sees her. And then she will prepare herself for you to see her. You get what you praise.

Keep your hands on her, and it’ll change your life. Therefore keep your hands on her, pray for her openly at night. When you wake up at night, turn to that woman and tell her that she is beautiful even with the lights off, or I’m going to enjoy being married to you.” Your life, brother, will be so much better.

Your touch will shape your wife. Your language will not shape your wife. You can’t depress her and make her lose weight. You can’t depress her and make her more affectionate. That woman responds to your touch, and you’re going to like the response.

You’re the only creature on earth that can touch her. Your woman wants to be affectionate. They want to be touched, and you’re the only creature on earth that can put your hands on her, so do not withhold that.

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