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Stacey Abrams has called voter integrity measures signed into law in Georgia in 2021 a “redux of Jim Crow,” but voting statistics from a week before the state’s 2022 primary election indicated over 102,000 more black voters cast their ballots early this year than during the 2018 primary.

On the Fox News Channel program “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham called it “shameless” that Abrams was fearmongering on the issue of ballot protection, commenting that Abrams and her supporters “throw Jim Crow around like it’s nothing.”

Pointing out that it’s “costing the state,” Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper noted President Biden upped the shrillness by saying such election integrity efforts were “Jim Eagle” compared to Jim Crow era barriers to voting. As for the cost to the average Georgian, Horace explained:

Remember what the Major League Baseball association did. Remember all of the attacks that happened that caused people – particularly those of color in the Atlanta area – who had prepared to play their role in providing their services and goods. That was all ripped right out of their hands, and nothing was done.

Where’s the apology?

We’re told “Jim Eagle” was shutting down votes. And what we’re seeing is exactly the opposite.

When confronted with the fact that black voter turnout in 2022 was outperforming a previous wave election year under conditions predicted to be tough for black Georgians, Abrams made the astonishing assertion: “voter suppression isn’t about stopping every voter.”

“She’s on point, continually,” Horace remarked. But he portrayed her motivations as dark and sinister:

She has an idea: let’s make sure we do a slur against the people of Georgia and the people of America. And it doesn’t matter what the facts end up being. She repeats it over and over again.

Such behavior, Horace suggested, highlights how uncomfortable Abrams is as a candidate and her lack of qualifications for the office she seeks. He said to Ingraham:

Now, I came on your program and I explained she lost [in 2018] because – in one of the best climates for Democrats in a generation – she went crazy and lost on guns, on taxes, on a lot of issues that main-street Georgians cared about.

She’s doing it again!

Compounding the problem for Abrams was recently being caught on tape saying that Georgia is “the worst state in the country to live.” Ingraham acknowledged the veracity of the liberals, and how their comments hurt their appeal to voters. “It’s really hard to govern a country you loathe,” Ingraham stated, “and a state that you don’t much like.”

Horace replied, “The American Dream is critical – not just to the mainstream of America, but in particular to black Americans.” And there is ample historical precedent:

A lot of folks forget that when Martin Luther King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, its primary purpose was to demand changes to make it easier for black men in particular to get jobs to support their families.

When [Abrams] says that Georgia is a great place to work and a terrible place to live, that’s a word salad I don’t understand. But, more importantly, most Georgians know getting a good job – being able to provide for your family – that is a place you want to live with you and your family.

This is also relevant to liberals and the issue of rising crime. Horace added:

They don’t want to talk about the escalating problem they created.

We have been seeing – since Donald Trump left Washington – a message: if you’re a criminal, it’s a free season for you to act. You wanna do something heinous, like what we saw in New York City, it’s OK. If you want to continue what’s happening in Chicago, there won’t be consequences.

Horace offered a solution – “accountability”:

If you have a plan of mass destruction effect, I don’t care if people die or not – you ought to get the death penalty.

“That,” Horace promised, “will send the right signal. But the progressives can’t accept that.”

Project 21 has offered recommendations on election integrity and crime in the first edition of its “Blueprint for a Better Deal for Black America.” A new edition, with even more recommendations on these issues, will be released soon. Project 21 will also soon be releasing an election integrity edition of its “What It Means for Black America” series of primers.

Author: David Almasi