Should Black Americans THANK the Republicans?,

Black America Thanks the Republicans sign the petition

“We owe so much to those who came before us. It is for their struggles and sacrifices we celebrate their victory. From the tears and misery they endured, we gain our strength. In honor of all who struggled and died, in memory of all who resisted and suffered, for those who lived a life not worth living to preserve life for us… we give thanks to strangers who stood with us and for us. The Republican Party.”

The Republican Party was founded by men and women tired of living in a country where one man could hold another man captive. It was clear to the Republican Party that “No one is free until all are free!” Black Americans must never forget the sacrifice for justice represented by the Republican Party. We must never allow the nation to forget what they stood for and what they stood against.

“Thanks to the Republican Party”

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,, Clarence Mason Weaver