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Twitter has banned Donald Trump, but continues to allow the Taliban to use its social media platform to communicate with the world.

“The mind reels,” responds Scott Shepard, director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project, in a Townhall commentary.

Big Tech giants Twitter and Facebook say they are happy to banish violence from their services, but it’s obvious they do not. Wondering how company founders Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, respectively, can stomach such hypocrisy, Scott asks:

Does it taste like shame? Or do billions in largely unearned wealth make shame impossible?

Things are so strict for the common man that one can be removed from social media for the “mere objection to ‘concepts, institutions, ideas, practices or beliefs associated with protected characteristics, which are likely to contribute to imminent physical harm, intimidation or discrimination against the people associated with that protected characteristic.’” That makes you a hater.

At least Facebook has banned the Taliban. But both platforms seem heavy-handed in their thought-crimes enforcement against anyone to the right of AOC.

With this virtue-signaling mindset in mind, Scott points out some instances in which Twitter and Facebook have misused their influence. For instance:

  • Facebook communications manager Dani Lever helped Andrew Cuomo slime at least one woman who accused the now-former governor of New York of sexual harassment.
  • As previously mentioned, Twitter allows the Taliban to tweet, despite the group’s terrorist pedigree and the very real possibility that they may soon be holding Americans hostage.

While Scott predicts the next three-and-a-half years will be “horrific” for Americans as a whole, he figures it could get a lot worse if Big Tech decides to go all-in by ridin’ with Biden – who, by many accounts, “has already failed.”

“The social media martinets have a choice,” Scott concludes. “[E]nd your collusive relationship with this addled and bereft administration; or help to drive the dissolution of American democracy, and then reap that whirlwind.”

All of this commentary – “Even the Taliban Thinks Your Collusive Censorship is Pure Repression” – is available at Townhall by clicking here.



Author: David Almasi