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Memories of 9/11 During A Different Kind of Painful Time for America

Memories of 9/11 During A Different Kind of Painful Time for America

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(AP Photo/Gene Boyars, File)
America Remembers, America Forgets

As America navigates — none too gracefully — these trying times we now pause for a day to remember a different kind of trying time. A horrific time.

The United States of America has been through a lot of rough stuff in its relatively short history as the greatest nation on Earth. People are fond of saying that we are more divided now than ever before. If we were able to ask anyone who lived through the Civil War I’m fairly certain they’d disagree.

Comparing a nation’s struggles from different eras is silly. What do I know about what the WWII generation went through? I was a kid when we were in Vietnam and all of the civil unrest that was raging here at home and I barely remember any of that.

My adult daughter doesn’t remember 9/11 because she was very young that day. Those of us who weren’t very young still feel like it was yesterday almost two decades later.

The greatest nation on Earth isn’t used to being attacked at home. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor, 9/11 shocked, then united, then galvanized America. However briefly, we behaved like the United States of America.

As I look around America in 2020 I wonder how we would react to another 9/11 if, God forbid, something like that happened again soon. It’s difficult to imagine that kind of unity again, especially when the progressive idiots view patriotism and unity as toxic nationalism. We may not be as fractured as we were during the Civil War but, let’s be honest, we’re pretty beat up internally at the moment.


 (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The wounds are all self-inflicted during this time of trial, which makes it worse. Sure, we can focus on coronavirus as an “enemy,” but it’s not the virus that’s setting our cities on fire.

It’s a terrible fact of the human condition that it usually takes some unforeseen tragedy to bring us together. I’m not so sure 2020 America has the coping skills even in that kind of situation. Of course, I pray we never have to find out.

It goes without saying that the horror of that day must never be forgotten. America is now facing the rise of a political force that would seek to rewrite history. This is a national tragedy that can’t be purged easily, but they will attempt to alter it as much as possible.


(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Their families will forever grieve. America needs to never forget and to continue to pray for the victims of 9/11. Maybe that shared remembrance can heal our current situation just a little.

Eternal rest grant unto them,

O Lord, and let perpetual light

shine upon them. May the souls

of all the faithful departed, through

the mercy of God, rest in peace.


Author: Frances Rice

Today and Yesterday

Today and Yesterday

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By Walter E. Williams | Townhall.com

Source: AP Photo/Noah Berger) Aug 07, 2020 – AP
In matters of race and other social phenomena, there is a tendency to believe that what is seen today has always been. For black people, the socioeconomic progress achieved during my lifetime, which started in 1936, exceeded anyone’s wildest dreams. In 1936, most black people lived in gross material poverty and racial discrimination. Such poverty and discrimination is all but nonexistent today. 

Government data, assembled by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, shows that “the average American family … identified as poor by the Census Bureau, lives in an air-conditioned, centrally heated house or apartment … They have a car or truck. (Indeed, 43 percent of poor families own two or more cars.)” The household “has at least one widescreen TV connected to cable, satellite, or a streaming service, a computer or tablet with internet connection, and a smartphone. (Some 82 percent of poor families have one or more smartphones.” 

On top of this, blacks today have the same constitutional guarantees as everyone else, which is not to say that every vestige of racial discrimination has been eliminated.

The poverty we have today is spiritual poverty. Spiritual poverty is an absence of what traditionally has been known as various human virtues. Much of that spiritual poverty is a result of public and private policy that rewards inferiority and irresponsibility. 

Chief among the policies that reward inferiority and irresponsibility is the welfare state. When some people know they can have children out of wedlock, drop out of school and refuse employment and suffer little consequence and social sanction, one should not be surprised to see the growth of such behavior. 

Today’s out-of-wedlock births among blacks is over 70 percent, but in the 1930s, it was 11 percent. During the same period, out-of-wedlock births among whites was 3 percent; today, it is over 30 percent. It is fashionable and politically correct to blame today’s 21 percent black poverty on racial discrimination. That is nonsense. Why? 

The poverty rate among black husband-and-wife families has been in the single digits for more than two decades. Can anyone produce evidence that racists discriminate against black female-headed families but not black husband-and-wife families?

For most people, education is one of the steppingstones out of poverty, and it has been a steppingstone for many black people. Today, decent education is just about impossible at many big-city public schools where violence, disorder, disrespect and assaults on teachers are routine. The kind of disrespectful and violent behavior observed in many predominantly black schools is entirely new. 

Some have suggested that such disorder is part of black culture, but that is an insulting lie. Black people can be thankful that double standards, and public and private policies rewarding inferiority and irresponsibility, were not broadly accepted during the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. There would not have been the kind of intellectual excellence and spiritual courage that created the world’s most successful civil rights movement.

Many whites are ashamed, saddened and guilt-ridden by our history of slavery, Jim Crow and gross racial discrimination. They see that justice and compensation for that ugly history is to hold their fellow black Americans accountable to the kind of standards and conduct they would never accept from whites. That behavior and conduct is relatively new. 

Meet with black people in their 70s or older, even liberal politicians such as Charles Rangel (age 90), and Reps. Eddie Bernice Johnson (85), Alcee Hastings (83) and Maxine Waters (82). Ask them whether their parents would have tolerated their assaulting and cursing of teachers or any other adult. I bet you the rent money their parents and other parents of that era would not have accepted the grossly disrespectful behavior seen today among many black youngsters who use foul language and racial epithets at one another. 

These older blacks will tell you that, had they behaved that way, they would have felt serious pain in their hind parts. If blacks of yesteryear would not accept such self-destructive behavior, why should today’s blacks accept it?

Black people have made tremendous gains over the years that came as a result of hard work, sacrifice and a no-nonsense approach to life. Recovering those virtues can provide solutions to many of today’s problems.

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. To find out more about Walter E. Williams and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at www.creators.com.


Author: Frances Rice

Bezos Admitted a Problem, But FEP Already Gave Him the Solution

Bezos Admitted a Problem, But FEP Already Gave Him the Solution

LTP News Sharing:

Did Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos lie to Congress?

During a recent hearing on Capitol Hill,  Bezos was challenged by Representative Matt Gaetz about the internet retail giant’s decision to outsource the gatekeeping regarding who can participate in its AmazonSmile charitable program to the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Representative Gaetz asked: “Why would you trust them?”

Acknowledging an “imperfect system,” Bezos replied: “I would love suggestions on… better or additional sources.”

But he has already received a suggestion! In a Federalist commentary, Justin Danhof, Esq. – director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) – remarks:

He would love suggestions? Bezos has received such a suggestion tens of thousands of times this year. I should know. I am responsible for personally sending one to him.

In fact, Justin sent the company a proposal on the subject that Bezos – as chairman of the Amazon board of directors – undoubtedly voted to oppose.

Bezos should have been testifying as to why he opposed the commonsense plan offered by FEP regarding the company’s outright religious discrimination, a plan backed by many Amazon investors and customers.

Chronicling the Gaetz-Bezos exchange, Justin writes:

Gaetz called out Bezos over the company’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, as the gatekeeper for the AmazonSmile charitable program. Through AmazonSmile, customers can direct a small percentage of their purchases to a charity of their choice. That choice, however, is limited to charities the SPLC filters.

Gaetz rightfully called out this unholy marriage. Looking right at the richest man in the world, the Florida congressman said: “I am not here accusing you as someone who would ever traffic in hate, but it seems you have empowered people who do. I’m particularly talking about the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

“Why should it outsource this awesome responsibility to any outside organization,” Justin asks, “much less to a discredited anti-religious one?”

As the overseer of the AmazonSmile program, the SPLC has used its “hate map” and other politicized resources to “demonize” Americans of faith:

By placing faith-based groups such as the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, the Jewish Defense League, and Alliance Defending Freedom alongside anti-Semites and racists such as the Ku Klux Klan, the hate map smears Americans of faith with guilt by association. It’s sinister, and Bezos knows it. Yet he still allows the SPLC to block these faith-based charities and others from AmazonSmile.

At this year’s Amazon shareholder meeting in May, FEP presented the resolution that “highlighted the inherent risks of engaging in such outright bigotry and viewpoint discrimination.”

“Any sober assessment of our resolution,” Justin writes, “would have caused Amazon to drop the SPLC.”

Not only that, but a companion petition campaign in support of the resolution generated tens of thousands of petitions that were sent to the members of the Amazon board of directors – including Bezos.

So no matter what Bezos testified – under oath – before Congress, the CEO has already received advice worth serious consideration:

If Amazon employees can decide which products are permitted to be sold on its massive website, surely they can be tasked with determining which charities are peddling in hate versus those simply preaching religious values. Bezos knows this, and despite his claim that he “would love suggestions,” he knows he’s already gotten them.

Click here to read all of Justin’s commentary at the Federalist website.

The post Bezos Admitted a Problem, But FEP Already Gave Him the Solution appeared first on The National Center.

Author: David Almasi

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