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It’s Important to Have Faith in Something Other Than Our Skin

It’s Important to Have Faith in Something Other Than Our Skin

LTP News Sharing:

In his official proclamation for the 2021 National Day of Prayer, Joe Biden left out God.

Nowhere in the seven paragraphs and 470 words did Biden deign to say God’s name. He name-checked the late congressman John Lewis in his treatise on faith, but not the Lord Himself.

Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington said this lack of respect for God is indicative of the larger problems our nation faces, and also why Biden holds the power he does right now.

During an panel discussion on the Newsmax program “John Bachman Now,” Stacy warned about the people she called “skin-worshippers.” She described them as:

People who are obsessed – everything they do in their lives is seen through the lens of race or ethnic background. Everything is about grievances and punishing people.

She said that it is people like this who have played a large role in a pushback against God and faith in general. And this has an detrimental effect on American society as a whole. She commented:

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

And when we have a respect for our Creator, it shows in every area of our lives. When we disdain Him, and we push Him aside so that we can actually worship our skin… then you’re gonna have a president who represents that party and that ideology.

You’ll have a National Day of Prayer where he does not actually refer to God or really bring any kind of focus to Him.

To show the difference, she explained how her family observed the National Day of Prayer and what it means to them:

The National Day of Prayer is to be spent praying for this country – for the betterment of all of us.

So it’s not about whether a person has faith. It’s about saying: if you believe or not – I do – we want to pray for the betterment of this country… [I]t comes from a position of knowing something greater than ourselves. Something to look forward to, as opposed to always looking back and looking down.

And that’s what Joe Biden represents, unfortunately. And that’s why we prayed for him, and that he would be better at being president – at leading this country. And, hopefully, that he would have a more true representation of his faith that would actually acknowledge God.

Author: David Almasi

Companies Virtue Signal Without Consequences: HRC’s Equality Act Fraud

Companies Virtue Signal Without Consequences: HRC’s Equality Act Fraud

LTP News Sharing:

Another shareholder meeting, another game of corporate dodgeball.

The Free Enterprise Project (FEP) attended Macy’s 2021 virtual meeting of stockholders today to question CEO Jeffrey Gennette about his support for the religiously bigoted Equality Act.

Justin Danhof

Justin Danhof, Esq.

FEP Director Justin Danhof, Esq., submitted the following question:

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Macy’s supports the Equality Act. First, is that true? And second, in light of criticism from scholars and legal experts that the law would eviscerate female sports and cancel federal religious freedom protections, does the company support the entire Equality Act or just portions of it? If you could elaborate with specifics, that would be great.

As we’ve seen so many times this season, Macy’s performed the masterpiece of shareholder-meeting gymnastics: the corporate swerve. Because the specific question we asked would have been difficult to answer and would have required specifics from Gennette, the meeting secretary reworded it, presenting Gennette with a softball version:

With the Equality Act in the news, what is Macy’s support of LGBTQ rights in the country?

This revision drained the entire meaning from our question. These woke CEOs brag about their continued push for “human rights” at every turn. But here, as usual, Gennette was unwilling to unpack that communications-department virtue signaling in any meaningful way.

CEO Jeffrey Gennette responded to the phony, reworded question with:

So a thing I’m proud of is that if you look at the HRC and our score, we’re at 100%, and has been for a number of years. So this is a topic that we lead, and when you look, it’s a piece of pride for the company. On this score, we’re very strong.

This answer unwittingly reveals the whole con at the heart of unexamined corporate support for positions pushed by left-wing activist groups.  The Human Rights Campaign, the HRC that Gennette refers to, sponsors a “Corporate Equality Index,” ranking corporations by the amount to which they bend to the campaign’s demands.

HRC describes itself as the world’s largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group. This could be true, but it may also be the nation’s leading opponent of religious liberty. HRC is active in many legal cases that seek to demonize and marginalize Americans of faith.

Business executives love ratings. Ratings provide corporations with great PR, and corporate managers can brag about them as we saw in the meeting today. But these executives are unwilling to publicly acknowledge all that these ratings imply, as Macy’s manipulations proved.

This doesn’t stop HRC though. Instead, as the next step of the swindle, HRC takes support by Macy’s and other companies for relatively anodyne causes, like nondiscrimination, and turns it into support for the most appalling of its causes, like the repeal of religious liberties and the destruction of girls’ and women’s sports. It cites Macy’s support for specific provisions that Macy’s refuses to support publicly as a reason why other corporations must pretend to support those positions as well, and why legislators must adopt them.

Where are all the collusion mongers from the last four years? Why aren’t they howling at the moon in fury at this manipulative, mendacious bait-and-switch?

Oh, wait. That’s right.

Author: The National Center

Harriet Tubman, Conservative Icon

Harriet Tubman, Conservative Icon

LTP News Sharing:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said that resuming the process of putting abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is important so that American money “reflect[s] the history and diversity of our country.”

Donna Jackson

And while the left celebrates Tubman for being a woman and person of color, Project 21 member Donna Jackson writes that this choice can also be seen as a win for conservatives, because Tubman’s faith and conservative-compatible beliefs can be celebrated long after the left has moved on to its next crusade:

History serves as a lesson for modern-day issues. There is a fight for freedom and individual liberty being waged today, especially in a climate of overreaching government and cancel culture. Conservatives today are faced with censorship, harsh gun controls and restrictions on religious liberties. Tubman’s legacy can inspire determination in all of us to ensure that we, as a people, never lose our rights.

Donna’s commentary, which has appeared in major-market newspapers such as the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Kansas City Star, argues that it’s important to recognize Tubman beyond her intersectional value:

While liberals bask in the blinding glow of superficial identity politics, patting themselves on the back for replacing villainous former President Andrew Jackson, conservatives can also celebrate this choice. They can do that by looking beyond Tubman’s color to celebrate her beliefs, her life and her deeds.

In particular, Donna praises the way the abolitionist’s faith guided her decisions:

Tubman’s faith emboldened her to risk everything to aid escaped slaves, and inspired her to recognize the dignity in every life. She talked to God, and said he talked back (something former Vice President Mike Pence was mocked for saying). She said the Underground Railroad was not her idea, but rather divine inspiration from the Lord.

Donna also mentions how Tubman sought the help of other Christians – including white Christians – along the stops of the Underground Railroad:

In working with those people, Tubman was colorblind in a way many of today’s race-obsessed activists could never understand…

Tubman fought for freedom, liberty and all the rights guaranteed to us by God and the Constitution. While she probably never heard the term “conservative,” she nonetheless exhibited values characteristic of a modern conservative.

“Her example serves as a reminder to be brave,” Donna writes, “and have the courage to fight for what is right.”

To read all of Donna’s commentary – “We Should Honor a Conservative on the $20 bill. Her Name is Harriet Tubman” – click here to go to the Kansas City Star’s website.

Author: David Almasi

Becerra Lacks “Respect” and “Character” to Run HHS

Becerra Lacks “Respect” and “Character” to Run HHS

LTP News Sharing:

In a letter to the U.S. Senate calling Xavier Becerra an “extremist nominee who will carry the agendas of liberal dark money groups to his administration post,” a group of over 100 prominent conservatives – including National Center General Counsel Justin Danhof, Esq. – laid out their opposition to the nomination of Becerra to run the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The letter states:

Becerra has shown neither the judgment, character or respect for human life necessary to lead the agency with such influence over the foundational rights of all Americans. Under his watch, we believe HHS – an agency that should protect human life, dignity, and enshrine the values of religious liberty – would be weaponized toward partisan and destructive ends.

The letter also highlights Becerra’s radicalism as a member of the U.S. Congress and as California’s attorney general. It notes his “dubious judgment” in matters such as advocating for on-demand abortion, forcing faith-based organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund birth control, suppressing investigative journalism and promoting unscientific “environmental justice” policies.

Joining Justin in signing the letter are Concerned Women for America President and CEO Penny Y. Nance, former Interior and Energy Secretary Donald Paul Hodel, Alliance Defending Freedom Founder Alan E. Sears, Young America’s Foundation President Scott Walker, American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle and Galen Institute President Grace-Marie Turner.

To read the entire letter and see the full list of signers (using titles for identification only), click here.

Author: David Almasi

Conservatives Should Pressure Businesses Like the Left Does

LTP News Sharing:

It’s a sad truth. In just a few years, America’s “largest corporations have abandoned their traditional roles” and are “jump[ing] hard into politics.”

Taking a page from the Occupy Wall Street movement that he said intimidated the business community, Scott Shepard – the deputy director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project – writes in a Townhall commentary:

It’s time – it’s long past time – for us on the right to respond to this “private” pressure. So: Occupy Twitter? Abandon Amazon? Sit-in at Starbucks?

Scott says conservatives need to get “personally involved” in order to blunt the impact of the left’s years of pressure on the nation’s most powerful CEOs. He realizes this is asking a lot:

This is hard for many of us on the right. We tend to be independent-minded people who naturally shy away from group activities and from groupthink. This is unavoidable for a coalition of people whose basic uniting premises include the idea: “Leave me alone, and I’ll do the same to you.” But as the Tea Party movement early in the last decade showed, many on the right are willing and eager to get involved, while others of us can force ourselves.

But, he notes, it is in the best interests of conservatives and people of faith to get out of their comfort zones and get involved:

We should increase pressure on still-neutral organizations to stay in the middle of the road, while going all out – peaceably and without violation of any non-discriminatory laws, certainly – against companies that have moved left. This means borrowing from Occupy Wall Street and other effective leftwing tactics, and putting those strategies to work for the right.


Consider the case of Amazon. The behemoth online retailer has deplatformed Parler, allowed the left to ban conservative and faith-based groups from its AmazonSmile charitable program and possibly cost lives by withholding its assistance in COVID-19 vaccination efforts until President Donald Trump left office. There is a way to fight back:

It would behoove us all, then, to note that Walmart now offers an annual subscription to a “free”-delivery-any-amount program that rivals the one offered by Amazon. You don’t get Prime Video from Walmart, but preserving freedom might be worth giving up Mrs. Maisel, as sad as that would be.

And while we’re at it, “[m]aybe it’s time to organize sit-ins of Starbucks shops until they agree not to discriminate on the basis of viewpoint.” Pointing out how this worked “in similar civil rights struggles,” and that the coffee retailer has decreed that people don’t have to buy things to hang out in their stores, Scott suggests those on the right “[g]et a crowd, settle in, fire up your laptops, have a lovely conversation and don’t buy a thing” until they recognize our concerns.

To read all of Scott’s Townhall commentary – “Occupy Twitter?” – click here.

The post Conservatives Should Pressure Businesses Like the Left Does appeared first on The National Center.

Author: David Almasi

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