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Declaring that left-wing anti-police protesters are on a broader “quest to demonize traditional American values,” prominent conservatives have joined with the Conservative Partnership Institute in an open letter to President Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress emphasizing the importance of the rule of law in preserving American exceptionalism.

The letter notes America’s foundation in the rule of law, and that “there can be no justice, and there can be no peace or prosperity” without it. Citing the tragic death of George Floyd and the blame that has been put on the police as an institution, it warns that “to politicize those rare abuses to sow division, to undermine and destabilize the United States and to use the coordinated chaos they create to force their agenda on suspecting Americans” is unacceptable.

Signed by the leaders of the National Center’s Free Enterprise ProjectJustin Danhof, Esq. and Scott Shepard – and Project 21 black leadership network members Dr. Carol Swain, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr. and Star Parker, the letter states that radical leftists “stok[ing] anti-American sentiment… are given cover” in their exploits by supportive politicians, a complaint media and willing corporations.

Yet the radicals operate with an inconsistent agenda:

The fact is that the far-left radicals burned and looted American cities in the name of a slogan with which virtually nobody disagrees: Of course black lives matter, but an uncontroversial slogan is not the true message of those who seek to use violence and unrest for their own purposes. The fact that the riots, mayhem and killing of innocents by mobs continued, after all four officers involved in George Floyd’s tragic death were charged with crimes, makes clear that this isn’t about George Floyd…

Make no mistake: What the Left is actually after is the destruction of the American way of life, a life built on the rule of law and individual freedom. They are after control by the State, and seek to destabilize the country to get there. It is ironic that the very people who seek the end of private gun ownership, claiming just weeks ago that only the police need carry weapons, now openly seek to dismantle the police. The very people who attack the idea of our military being used—as it has for hundreds of years—to supplement law enforcement and maintain order and safety during times of escalated violence, also seeks to use government power to crush and bully any who dissent from “woke” culture.

And compliance is enforced by their powerful supporters:

Anyone who questions the liberal line will face censorship by Silicon Valley, anyone who refuses to be sufficiently “woke” will instead be “cancelled,” and any corporation that does not provide leftist mobs with financial support as penance for perceived sins will be boycotted, defamed or destroyed. Intimidation and mob rule is their means for their ends for America and Americans.

In its appeal for rational discourse and protection of valued and successful American institutions, the letter states:

We all agree that we can continue to better our police departments, along with every area of our government, but we reject the radical notion that law enforcement, or this great nation, is inherently and systemically racist or beyond repair. We reject the radical notion that defunding police departments will increase public safety.

But we support the notion of individual responsibility and freedom. We support those who insist that individuals who betray the public trust be held accountable. We recognize that most Americans merely want to get back to working hard, contributing to their communities, and getting along in peace with their neighbors. We support those who, rather than loot or burn, rather than call to destroy the police, instead help clean up their streets and remove the graffiti and destruction wrought by rioters.

In additional to those affiliated with the National Center, other signers of the letter (listed with their organizations for purposes of identification only) include Jim DeMint and Ed Corrigan of the Conservative Partnership Institute, Dr. David Black of 2nd Vote, Foster Friess of the Friess Family Foundation, Sandy Rios of the American Family Association and Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

To read the entire letter and see all of its signers, click here.

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Author: David Almasi