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Coronavirus news caused the Dow to crash by around 1,000 points on Monday. As this cartoon is published it may be way up again if the Plunge Protection Team jumps in to support it.

Fear of the virus forced stocks into correction mode, which was actually way overdue. The stock market has been in a bubble and mostly out of touch with economic reality. It has become a place for easy money to go, since there isn’t much return elsewhere.

The virus also shows how much the globe has become reliant on the cheap labor and lax standards in China. The shutdowns due to the virus have wreaked havoc on production. It’s a sure sign that we depend too much on a nation that’s ruled by a backward clique of communist tyrants.

Oil prices continue to crater along with industrial metals such as copper, due to the shutdowns and quarantines. Oil in particular was already in a bear market due to oversupply.

Meanwhile I’m sure the Democrats would be delighted by a stock market and economic crash. The Fidel Castro-loving Bernie Sanders would love it. Comrade President of the USA? It makes me sick just thinking about it.

—Ben Garrison


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Author: Tina Garrison