Voyage To the bottom of the sea

Update: Biden makes a statement on the economy “We are on the right path..”

Joe Biden is out of touch with reality.

Despite his obliteration in the opinion polls, he still thinks 98 percent of Democrats will vote for him. He still thinks he’s popular and if someone questions his popularity he will abruptly turn his back and walk away. Or he will get testy and aggressive. His anger is usually signaled by the preface word, “Jack.”

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We all know Joe is a figurehead—a mannequin—but he is now widely disliked even among the far left progressives. Democrat midterm candidates do not want him campaigning for them, but Joe has been a rolling, crashing disaster and they can’t avoid the aftershock.

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 Joe has sunk the ship and he’s probably not even aware that he’s done it. 

The Democrats only hope is to steal the election. When criminals get away with something they become more confident and emboldened. Why not steal the midterms? This is what I predict will happen and when they do, our entire Republic will be sent to the bottom.

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— Ben Garrison


Ps. I predict they will try to steal the midterms but will be watched, and people will notice and call them out.



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